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Abingdon Press novelist Kay Marshall Strom has dedicated her life to raising awareness and educating others about human trafficking, working to prevent the spread of common myths and misconceptions about this modern-day form of slavery.  Strom has written a 3-part series entitled Grace in Africa, in hopes to deepen the understanding of the grim realities of slavery that are real and existent still today. Well known organizations such as the International Justice Mission & Sisters in Service, Inc. are partnering with Abingdon Press, helping to further Strom’s awareness mission.

The Triumph of Grace (February 2011) is the riveting conclusion of Grace Winslow’s fight for freedom, which carries her from England to America’s Deep South. After learning that her husband Cabeto is on a South Carolina plantation, Grace dons a sailor’s disguise and boards the only ship headed for America—a detestable slave ship. When her secret is discovered, Grace is locked up in the hold. 

In South Carolina, Grace is bought immediately, but her owner soon discovers her fatal flaw: she can read.  When he catches her with a book, he sells her to a man on his way to Georgia. All her hopes of finding Cabeto vanish.

Grace’s new owner, however, is not a slave keeper. Moved by her story of perseverance and faith, John Hull makes Grace’s mission his own. Grace now has a dear brother in Christ to help her, but a restored sense of hope does not mean the path to finding Cabeto will be clear—or free of trouble . . . 

Of her series, Strom states, "The greatest comment I get to Grace’s story is,  ‘ Wow!  I never knew. ‘  Still more don’t know that slavery is still alive and well.  By conservative estimates, three times as many people live enslaved today—many victims of human trafficking.  Now that you know, will you join the fight to end slavery in our day? "  

About the Author:

Kay Marshall Strom has published 34 books, numerous magazine articles and short stories, and two prize-winning screenplays. Her best-known book is Once Blind: The Life of John Newton, which is packaged with the DVD of the popular film Amazing Grace. She lives in Eugene, Oregon.


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