Carol Stream, IL — Abby Johnson, former director of a Texas Planned Parenthood clinic, kicked off her media tour on Monday, January 10, with a live webcast to over 21,000 listeners who registered to hear her talk about her book, Unplanned. Unplanned climbed as high as #8 on Amazon and #3 on Barnes & Noble during its first day of release.

Johnson appeared on The 700 Club January 11 and was also a guest on In the Market with Janet Parshall

She will appear on FOX News’s Huckabee on Saturday,  January 15,which re-airs the following evening. On Tuesday, January 18, Abby will participate in a web/radio simulcast with American Family Radio. A two-part interview with Focus on the Family will also be broadcast on January 18 and 19.

Johnson will be speaking at the Walk for Life in San Francisco on January 22 and also at the National March for Life in Washington, D.C., on January 24, where Johnson will receive the Defender of Life award from Students for Life.

At the end of the month, Abby will be a guest on K-LOVE Radio and Chris Fabry Live! She will also be signing her book at B&N, 711 Texas Avenue, College Station, TX, on February 5


Many other national, regional, and local television, radio, print, and blog interviews will also take place throughout this month, which is designated Sanctity of Life month.  Another key date for Unplanned is January 22—the 38th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.


In Unplanned, Abby reveals her full story for the first time. Johnson talks about what she initially found so attractive about the mission of Planned Parenthood, the personal secret she never divulged, and the disturbing events that caused her to suddenly quit her job. Abby’s unique vantage point from both sides of the abortion clinic property line shines light and compassion into the political controversy that surrounds this issue.

“Prolife advocates will salivate over her story, abortion rights advocates will be skeptical, but those who oppose abortion will find inspiration, education, and emotion. Johnson offers a well-planned, well-written account that will touch nerves on both sides of the issue.”  —Publishers Weekly

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