Publishers know that selling eBooks involves converting files and grappling with DRM, among other challenges. 

But selling eBooks also may generate new tax exposure for publishers, in part depending on the distribution model and distributors/platforms for sale of your eBooks.   And, this new exposure can potentially reach beyond the eBook transactions themselves to create broader tax exposure for other sales by the publisher. 

On January 11, tax attorney Martin Eisenstein of the firm Brann & Isaacson will lead an informative webinar in which he explains tax nexus, describes how the nexus rules apply to eBooks sales, and discusses best practices publishers can utilize to reduce tax exposure. 

Brian Flagler, who helps ECPA organize webinars for the rights/legal community, encourages publishers to take notice of this issue: 

"Selling eBooks through the agency model may implicate tax nexus issues which publishers have not previously encountered.  Through this webinar, Martin has graciously offered his considerable experience in this developing field to the ECPA community.  Publishers must understand how these nexus issues can affect their business."



Instructions will be sent to you on accessing this webinar upon registration.


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