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(Nashville, Tenn)
Thomas Nelson Christian Retail Sales division announced today a two-fold initiative focusing on social media for local independent Christian retailers. The first of the two initiatives called Hot Off the Press, is aimed at assisting local retailers as they look to capture what is happening in the market place in “real time”. The second initiative is the launching of an ongoing social media presence by Thomas Nelson Independent Christian Retail Sales to communicate and partner with their independent retail customers.  

Hot Off the Press is a system based application supplied by Thomas Nelson and downloaded by local retail accounts. This application will be used by Christian Retail Sales to send out updates on breaking news in the market place (such as last month’s recent appearance of Eric Metaxas on “The Glenn Beck Show”). Retailers can now learn of events like this instantly from a pop-up alert on their computers, and, if need be, can easily adjust their inventory to the proper levels by clicking on a convenient link that allows you to place on order on Thomas Nelson’s business-to-business website. Hot Off the Press will also send notices of upcoming author appearances.  

Thomas Nelson Independent Christian Retail Sales has created two social media sites for retailers to come together and communicate with other retailers on facebook at TNIndies and on twitter at TNIndies. These sites facilitate likeminded retailers in assisting one another in growing their social media presence and discovering new ways to market products to customers. In addition, Thomas Nelson Independent Christian Retail Sales division hosted two webinars and trained over 125 independent retailers on how to get started using social media.  

“We are opening up a line of communication that will be a “win- win” for retailers and Thomas Nelson in helping our customers increase their consumer traffic and customer base,” added Russ Schwartz, Director of Sales for  Thomas Nelson Independent Christian Retail. “In these fast changing times at retail, we all need to make sure we are adapting to meeting our customer’s needs.”

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