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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (Dec. 8, 2010)  In a report to industry retailers and suppliers, CBA reported a profitable year. The report is part of new policies to provide transparency and accountability to members and the industry it serves, according to George Thomsen, CBA board chairman.

While the association and the industry generally continue to face challenges driven by economic conditions and technology shifts, Thomsen said there is “great hope and evidence that we are emerging from this difficult time stronger than when we entered it.”

During the 2010 fiscal year, CBA faced significant challenges in a reassessment and reinvention process that included leadership changes, selling its building, and developing new value for members, all while streamlining budgets and business processes. While revenues decreased 7%, CBA cut operating expenses by 28%. Financial consultants Nonprofit Financial Solutions reported CBA took necessary and appropriate steps to remain strong and viable to continue serving its members.

“Through all these changes, God showed great favor to CBA,” Thomsen said. “He’s given us a calling, and our commitment is to champion and support the mission and ministry of Christian retailers and their trading partners.”

Thomsen pointed out several strategic shifts for the International Christian Retail Show designed to add value for retailers and exhibitors. He affirmed continued work on consumer-facing strategies such as Christian Store Day to help raise awareness of Christian stores and drive traffic and sales to them. He also affirmed CBA’s commitment to training through the CBA Connect program. Once a transition now in progress is completed, CBA will provide more open-source training materials at no cost to retailers.

Thomsen didn’t specifically mention in the report the industry’s cooperative e-book delivery solution for retailers because technical details and long-range strategies are being formulated. However, resolving the challenge to enable brick-and-mortar retailers to sell e-books through their websites continues as an industry priority.