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50th Anniversary Celebration of the NIV Commissioning
Continues with “Made to Share” Quarterly Theme

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(Grand Rapids, MI) July 7, 2015 – In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the commissioning of the world’s most read modern-English Bible, the New International Version (NIV), Biblica and Zondervan have partnered on a year-long commemorative campaign featuring quarterly themes to recognize the powerful impact that the NIV has made on the Christian church. Today commences the third theme of the year: Made to Share.

Made to Share centers on the belief that everyone deserves the best and most accurate translation of Scripture, and that the Bible should be made as accessible as possible to all who wish to experience it. This has been at the heart of Biblica’s ministry for over 200 years. Today, Biblica seeks to provide that same precision and readability for the world’s top 100 major spoken languages.

“We have been helping people around the world fall in love with the Bible for over 200 years, so I couldn’t be more passionate about the Made to Share NIV 50th Anniversary campaign,” said Carl Moeller, CEO at Biblica. “This theme acknowledges our commitment to faithfully putting God’s Word in the heart languages of people, so everyone is able to truly understand it. The NIV was intentionally designed for this kind of continuous refinement, so that it remains as accurate and accessible as possible. We’re proud to be a part of this year-long celebration.”

When the Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) was first commissioned to translate the NIV, the goal was to create a readable version for the entire English-speaking world. Translators from the United States, Canada, England, Northern Ireland, Australia and New Zealand were involved in the process to ensure that it would appeal to all English-speaking audiences. A top priority for the CBT was that the NIV allow for future revisions of the text, as new scholarship would inevitably emerge that would provide fresh understanding of the original languages and texts. Because of its unprecedented readability and precision, the NIV has become the world’s most-read modern-English Bible translation with over 450 million copies distributed worldwide.

Biblica is the worldwide publisher of the NIV and sponsors the work of the Committee on Bible Translation as they consistently work to ensure that audiences around the world have access to the best possible translation of the whole Bible. You can learn more about Biblica and the work they do at  

Zondervan, a long-time partner, publishes the NIV Bibles that appear in retail outlets in North America and in other parts of the world. With every NIV Bible sold, purchasers are helping Biblica translate and give Bibles to people in need around the world. To find an NIV Bible that’s right for you visit: NIV Bible for You.

In celebration of this significant anniversary, Zondervan will add a vital member to its study Bible family. The all-new NIV Zondervan Study Bible focuses on “unpacking God’s story,” first book-by-book, then as collections of biblical literature, and finally tracing the Bible’s complete witness to the Gospel. Bible students from every walk of life will grow deeper in their understanding of Scripture as God’s story is unpacked by nearly 20,000 new, comprehensive verse-by-verse study notes; a four-color interior with over 60 informative charts; more than 90 maps; hundreds of photos; and a library of 28 articles by award-winning scholars covering numerous theological themes and topics. More information is available at

To learn more about the 50th Anniversary campaign, and to view the Made to Share video, along with additional content, visit Also available on the site is a 365-day reading plan and NIV 50th Anniversary mobile app, as well as tools for finding the NIV Bible that is right for you. 


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For over 200 years, Biblica has provided God’s Word so people can enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and be formed by him. The Colorado Springs-based non-profit organization works in Africa, East Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East/North Africa, North America, and South Asia.  Biblica translates and publishes the complete Bible into the world’s 100 most widely spoken languages and is the translation sponsor and worldwide publisher of the New International Version® (NIV®) Bible, the most widely used contemporary English translation in the world. For additional information, please visit