facebookSocial media is designed to help us connect with each other and share our life passions and interests for fun, professionally, or for important things!  What do you do when no one is interacting with the posts on your brand’s page?

Here are FrontGate’s 5 tips on how to encourage people talking on your Facebook page:

Ask questions

Imagine you are talking with a friend that hogs the conversation and never asks you about your day or your life. You’ve seen that name on your phone. You don’t want to answer the call…  Now apply that concept to your social media page. The easiest way to get people talking is to ask them about them. Start incorporating simple questions into your posts and watch for responses.

Explore new ideas 

Get creative with your posts. Try out a series of quiz questions that relate to your brand or a scavenger hunt hidden in the next week’s series of pictures. Keep your fans involved with your brand and find out more about what they like with creative postings scattered amounts your regular posting schedule.


Once your audience begins responding to your carefully crafted posts, talk back!  Thank the commenters for posting their opinions, answer any questions, and address any concerns. As you encourage the first few commenters, more and more will begin joining them.

Be patient 

It takes time and hard work to build relationships. Understand that few pages see overnight success, but know that your hard work will pay off.

Keep it up 

Maintain your new engagement by keeping a regular posting schedule. Ideally we recommend posting at least 3 times per day.  Check your Facebook Insights for the highest traffic times and use Facebook to schedule your posts to hit at those times.  If time-constraints stop you from posting that often set a goal to post at least once a day at the PRIME TIME when your friends are most active (per Facebook Insights.) Utilize Facebook’s scheduling feature (a small clock on the bottom left hand side of the status update bar) allowing your to set up your posts in advance.


FrontGate Media has been serving the faith-based community with Social Media services since 2007.  If you’d like someone to help grow your follower and manage all your social media needs across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more, reach out to us and one of our Engagement Specialists will contact you to discuss your needs.