5 Questions to Ask Before Investing in PR: Is a PR Campaign Right for You?

There are many reasons to consider a faith-based PR campaign to promote your brand or your latest project. Perhaps you’re launching a new product or service and need to generate buzz. Or maybe you’re trying to reach a new audience or entice potential donors. 

Whatever your goals, a well-executed PR campaign may be able to help you achieve them. 

However, although there are vast benefits to investing in a public relations strategy, PR is not for everyone. You will only experience the benefits of Christian public relations when you meet specific qualifications. 

So, is a PR campaign right for you? Keep reading to find out.

What are the Benefits of a Faith-based PR Campaign?

A successful PR campaign secures earned media coverage, including articles, interviews, and placements on relevant news sites, TV channels, radio shows, and more. You can instantly increase brand awareness and engagement if you earn a spot on a popular site with millions of readers or a news channel with millions of viewers. In fact, one interview on a major outlet can reach more people in 10 minutes than nearly any other type of marketing. So, why doesn’t everyone invest in a PR strategy? Because a successful public relations campaign requires an excellent, compelling story, and not everyone has that.

5 Questions to Ask Before Investing in a PR Campaign

Before investing in a PR strategy to promote your Christian brand or latest project, make sure you uncover the story behind it–uncover what makes you newsworthy in the eyes of the media. 

Start by answering these questions:

1. What Makes My Project, Product, or Opportunity Unique?

What is your unique factor? What turns your product into an inspiring story of determination and resilience?  What turns your cause into a trend that hundreds of thousands of people become just as passionate about as you? What turns your opportunity into a community of like-minded people that bands together to seek change? What makes your project, product, or opportunity more than what it seems to be on the surface? 

2. What Do I Offer that My Competitors Don’t?

If a media source had to choose between interviewing you and your direct competitor, what would make them choose you? What makes you more newsworthy than the other guy or gal? Being newsworthy is a requirement for a successful public relations campaign, so, what do you offer that your competitors don’t? 

3. What Do I Offer that Can Benefit a Media Outlet’s Audience?

Securing earned media isn’t just based on how great you are or how unique your product, cause or opportunity is. It also depends on whether or not the audience of that media source will find you relevant and exciting and will connect with your story. What do you offer that will benefit the people listening to your interview or reading your profile online? 

4. How is What I’m Offering Relevant to the Current Social, Political, or Economic Environment?

A successful PR campaign is all about being newsworthy. And what’s more newsworthy than something that relates to what’s happening in the news? If your product, service, cause or opportunity resonates with the current social, political, or economic environment, you’re more likely to secure earned media. How does what you’re offering speak to what’s trending nationally and/or worldwide? 

5. Why Should a Media Source Interview Me Out of Hundreds of Options?

Why you? While you don’t have to be rich and famous or high-profile to secure earned media coverage, you do need to be newsworthy. So before you invest in a PR campaign, it’s important to consider what you offer that nobody else does that would make you the #1 choice for a news interview hundreds or thousands of people are vying for. 

So, You’re Newsworthy–Now What?

If you’ve asked yourself these essential questions and know you have a story worth telling, what’s next? Now, you need to partner with a PR firm with vast, long-standing industry relationships. You need a credible partner to craft your story and present it to media sources in compelling ways. You need someone to validate your professional credibility and bring a human touch to your brand.

You Need FrontGate Media

FrontGate PR, a division of FrontGate Media, is a Christian PR agency with over 20 years of experience developing effective faith-based public relations campaigns for authors, pastors, non-profit organizations, musicians, films, and more. When you work with us, we develop a public relations strategy beyond a one-off press release. We create a comprehensive plan to ensure a broad reach–securing coverage on multiple media outlets. 

When creating your campaign, we consider the lasting impact of your interviews, videos, and articles. Websites don’t disappear, and we help you leverage coverage from multiple outlets to build traffic by linking to your site and generating engagement long after your campaign ends. We also help you enhance your PR strategy with a fully integrated marketing campaign. Our knowledgeable team of marketing experts coordinates your PR messaging alongside an advertising and social marketing campaign for the most significant results.

Are you ready to expand your reach with a PR campaign that tells your story in an impactful way? Contact us today to learn more about your options