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– Shane Wagner, Digital Experience Manager, The Seed Company

Last month we discussed how the most successful donor acquisition campaigns not only grab people’s attention with compelling imagery to collect a name and encourage monthly giving, but are transparent, too.   (Read last month’s Top 5 Ways for Non-profits to Increase Donorship.)At FrontGate, we have proven repeatedly that building dedicated, engaged donors is about relationship and accessibility.Here are 5 more things that successful donor campaigns do to increase giving and maintain long term donors.1. THEY GO MOBILE! Mobile apps have overtaken internet usage in the US. Non-profits must provide apps and donation forms that work well on iPhone and Android to literally be in the hands of the majority of Americans. The Jesus Film Media App has now had over 133,570 app downloads which started from our launch campaign….read the rest of our 5 More Ways article in the blog. – Direct Mail Special Offer is the largest online source for Faith-affirming and family-approved films and entertainment.   Their DVD Rental program features return envelopes very similar in style to what you’ve seen via Netflix.

  • 10,000 Pieces Direct To Homes
  • 6.5″ x 2.5″ Ad On Inside Cover Of Rental Envelope
  • Over 50% OFF – only $1,995

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