Influencer Marketing Trends

Influencer marketing uses influential people to promote a product or service on social media platforms and via blogging and email marketing. 

For Christian brands, working with social influencers can be a great way to reach potential customers or donors. 

Christian influencers have a large and engaged following and are trusted by their followers. They can help promote your brand, cause, product, service, or opportunity in a positive light and generate leads, sales or donations quickly. 

Not only do influencers help Christian brands reach a wider audience, but they can also help you connect with your target audience on a more personal level. If you’re looking to reach the Christian market, influencer marketing should definitely be part of your campaign strategy.

5 Influencer Marketing Trends that Benefit Christian Brands

Tapping into the power of influencers can be an excellent way for Christian businesses and causes to reach new audiences and connect with their potential target audiences. Here are five of the latest influencer marketing trends that make this marketing strategy ideal for reaching the Faith and Family audience.

1. Influencers are Promoting Across Multiple Platforms

Influencers don’t just have a strong presence on one platform. More than ever, Christian influencers promote products, services and causes to their followers across multiple social platforms. This includes the top social media outlets, like Instagram and Facebook, as well as niche platforms like Pinterest, personal blogs, and new social outlets like Gab and Tik Tok. 

2. Influencers are Moving from Text and Images to Audio and Video

There is still a time and place for an engaging graphic and lengthy caption. However, influencers are turning to audio and video posts to reach and engage a larger audience. This shift brings more attention to what they’re promoting. Video posts are shareable and enable influencers to show a more personal side of themselves, which can help them build a stronger connection with their followers. The more their followers connect with them, the more they will engage with your opportunity when it’s shared.

3. The Audience Prefers Authenticity Over Perfection

One of the most interesting things about social media is the way it’s changed how we consume content. In the past, we were largely reliant on traditional media sources for our news and entertainment. However, social media has given rise to a new breed of influencer who provides a more personal and authentic perspective on the world. As a result, consumers increasingly gravitate towards influencers they feel are more genuine and down-to-earth.

This shift away from perfectionism and towards authenticity is especially pronounced among younger audiences who value honesty and transparency above all else. In an age of fake news and manufactured celebrities, it’s no surprise that people are turning to social media influencers they perceive as being more “real.” By partnering with Christian influencers who value authenticity and unfiltered posts, you will reach more people with your opportunity. 

4. Influencers are Embracing Cause and Issue Marketing

So much has happened over the past few years that influencers are embracing cause and issue marketing more than ever. This is VERY EXCITING for Christian brands who want to promote their current project, product, or donation opportunity to a large audience. We will find Christian influencers who believe in what you’re offering and are excited to share it with their followers. 

5. Consumers are Engaging with Nano and Micro-Influencers

Long gone are the days when you need to secure multiple partnerships with macro-influencers to promote your Christian brand. Nano and micro-influencers are taking social media platforms by storm and seeing more engagement on promoted posts. A micro-influencer typically has between 10,000 and 50,000 followers, whereas a nano-influencer typically has between 500 and 10,000 followers. Although these influencers have a smaller following than macro-influencers, their followers are more engaged and likely to purchase from or donate to a brand the influencer promotes.

FrontGate Christian Influencer GroupHop on These Influencer Marketing Trends with FrontGate’s Christian Influencer Group

The FrontGate Media Christian Influencer Group has pre-vetted and works with hundreds of nano, micro, and macro-influencers weekly. This allows us to choose the best opportunities to generate engagement with your brand. 

We’ve planned and executed over 75 successful Influencer Campaigns for niche and well-known Christian brands, including Book Publishers, Entrepreneurs, Charities and Causes, African American Books, Children’s Products, Subscription Boxes, Movies, Music Releases, Bibles and Bible Study Resources, Magazines, Events, and more!

You can view a few Influencer Marketing Case Studies here: pro-life leader Lila Rose; world relief and evangelism ministry Advancing Native Missions; author, speaker, and evangelist Christine Caine; men’s leader Morgan Synder; and Zondervan’s gift book “Better Together.”  

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