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For decades, young Christians from charismatic backgrounds have sought a study Bible that accurately addresses what it means to live the Spirit-filled life. Many rely on student editions of modern translations like the NIV for their usefulness in providing today’s English reader with a clear meaning of Scripture. But all too often, some say, the study notes in these Bibles leave too much room for interpretation and do not adequately treat Bible passages that focus on being filled with the Spirit. 


Now, leaders in the Assemblies of God are endorsing a new study Bible that fills this void: the Fire Bible™: Student Edition, a study Bible featuring the trusted NIV translation, with extensive study notes written from a Spirit-filled life perspective. 


Alton Garrison, Assistant General Superintendent of the General Council of the Assemblies of God and President of the Assemblies of God Bible Alliance, says, “The commanding cry of Christ in the Great Commission is to make disciples who make disciples. The Fire Bible™: Student Edition unequivocally advances that process for today’s young believer. It provides thirsty souls with understandable answers and a growth plan to healthy Christian faith.” 


While some consider the Fire Bible™: Student Edition to be aimed at high school and college students, others suggest that it is a great resource for believers of all ages. 


Dr. Charles T. Crabtree, President of Zion Bible College in Haverhill, Massachusetts, said recently, “In my opinion, every believer who has a desire to be a true follower and witness of Christ needs to have a Student Edition of the Fire Bible™. It has to be one of the greatest single investments for yourself and one of the most meaningful gifts you could give to others.” 


The Fire Bible™: Student Edition, released by Hendrickson Publishers ( and Life Publishers International ( in October 2009, is a newly updated version of the original Full Life Study Bible. First published in 1992, the main focus of the Full Life Study Bible was to build up the church and equip readers for worldwide evangelism through notes written from a scholarly point of view. 

Crabtree says he has been “a passionate supporter” of the Full Life Study Bible for almost twenty years and values it as an “indispensable resource for evangelism and discipleship around the world.” Millions of Christians, he said, have testified to the effectiveness of the notes, comments, and helps found in the Full Life Study Bible.  


Now, Crabtree says, the Fire Bible™: Student Edition presents the benefits of the original Full Life Study Bible, but also has new “incredible tools” for those who want to become effective witnesses and disciples on their campuses, in their churches, and everywhere else they are. 


The Fire Bible™: Student Edition emphasizes how anyone can be a missionary in day to day life. It features helps and articles running throughout the text focused on the five commitments of a “campus missionary”: praying for those who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus; living an authentic, consistent Christian life; using God-given abilities to serve one’s church and community; telling others about Jesus; and giving material or financial resources and time to promote godly ministry and spread the message of Jesus around the world. While the word “campus” often connotes college students, the Fire Bible™: Student Edition defines a campus missionary as anyone who is a “devoted follower of Jesus, regardless of age, status or situation life” who “accepts personal responsibility for reaching spiritually lost people with the message of forgiveness and new life through faith in Jesus Christ.”  


Rev. Lillian E. Sparks, author, speaker, and former national director of the Assemblies of God Women’s Ministries, says, “In just a few weeks the Fire Bible™: Student Edition has eternally altered my devotional journey and life purpose. Undoubtedly, this is an instrument that will ignite and impact an entire generation to walk in the Spirit!” 

The Fire Bible™: Student Edition also features in-depth book introductions, in-text maps and charts, an extensive concordance, and more than 70 “key issue” articles that ground the reader in the fundamentals of the faith from a Spirit-filled life perspective. It is available in several attractive bindings, including softcover, hardcover, and flexisoft imitation leather. 


Another edition—the Fire Bible™: Global Study Edition—is expected to be released by Hendrickson Publishers and Life Publishers International in March 2010. The Global Edition is inspired by the dozens of translations of the original Full Life Study Bible into languages worldwide. It will feature study materials that reflect nationality-neutral English, a full explanation of theological terms, and notes written with the English-as-a-second-language reader in mind. 


Hendrickson Publishers has a strong, 29-year history of meeting the needs of Christians and the religious studies community by publishing respected Bibles, reference and academic books, and books for the church.  


Fire Bible™ is a registered trademark of Life Publishers International.  


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