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TEANECK, NJ–  October 18th, 2010- Creation By Design announced today that they are shipping a new book series that utilizes their computer-generated Biblical images.  The first two books of the Xander Nash chapter book series is now shipping to stores.  The company, which was started in 2007, has produced over 200 Biblical images using the computer-generated image or CGI technique which children are seeing in their movies, computer programs and video games. 


Creation By Design offers many products to help parents and teachers foster a love of the Bible in children. Their first product to roll out in latter part of 2008 was a line of Bible trading cards.  For the last several years, trading cards and card games have been the best selling Christmas items for children.  And yet, no companies had been able to successfully produce a line of card products with Biblical themes.  The first series of “My Bible Cards”, Old Testament: Series A is now carried by hundreds of Christian stores as well as specialty and comic book shops.  The second series, Old Testament: Series B rolls out in time for Christmas and the third series, New Testament: Series A will roll out for Easter of 2011. Creation By Design already has plans to produce over 1,500 separate images and cards to help kids learn and appreciate the stories of the Bible, as well as other educational material such as art, music, science and literature.


The second product line in their integrated product line is a series of chapter books featuring a young archaeology enthusiast, Xander Nash, who travels through time to meet Biblical heroes. With its titles The Beginning of it All (detailing the creation of the world) and Sibling Rivalry (joining Joseph in the pit, and his fall and rise to power in Egypt) available in stores now –  young explorer, Xander Nash, travels through time to meet and interact with Biblical heroes including Adam and Eve, Joseph and Moses.  The Xander Nash Series is written for all children ages 6-8, a demographic segment that is critical to reach with God’s message but has very few products available for parents and teachers to recommend.  In November, the third book Let My People Go (following the interactions between Moses and Pharaoh during the ten plagues) will hit shelves.


Creation By Design is currently working on the next three books in the series, including the stories of Noah, The Ten Commandments, and Samson & Delilah. “Any kid will enjoy these books and be hungry for more! I’m now hooked and I’m not even a kid anymore!” states Sergio Cariello, creator of the new Action Bible.


The second execution of the images is a line of activity books called Creation By Design Activity Books.  This line combines the images with coloring pages, word-finds, connect-the-dots, crosswords and other puzzles.  Two books are already available with two more shipping prior to Christmas.


One of the most anticipated Christian products of the coming spring is Creation By Design’s BibleStrikeTM, a roleplaying card game that will allow the gamers to use the images and information they learn to score points and play with their friends. The line is rounded out by several other products including postcards, posters and unframed artwork. The Creation By Design product lines are available through STL Distribution, and are carried by hundreds of Christian Retail stores and chains, including Parable, Munce, Family, Mardels and Berean.


Creation By Design, is also working with several companies in the use and licensing of their images for t-shirts, bags, gifts, and many other items. “There is no end to the possibilities in the use of these amazing images,” says Steven Kaye, founder of Creation By Design, and its Chief Creative Officer.


What’s next for Creation By Design?  According to Kaye, he would like to take the images and the characters, such as Xander Nash, into other forms of media utilized by the tech-savvy kids of today.  For example, Xander Nash could evolve in to a video or computer game.  Even a full length animated movie is being discussed.  With the launch of Nukotoys, the secular toy market is creating products that integrate cards with scanning technology and the internet.  Creation By Design believes that religion needs products that utilize the technology that appeals to today’s youth and teaches them the stories of the Bible.


Creation By Design’s mission is to create educational and entertaining Biblical products that help children connect with God’s word in an exciting and fun way. For more information about Creation By Design, please visit