(Colorado Springs, CO) — Advance sales are driving Faithbook of Jesus, by Renee Johnson, into its second printing thirty days prior to the scheduled release date of March 8, 2010. 

In an economy and industry that continues to flounder, strong early sales of Faithbook of Jesus offers hope and continued confirmation to NavPress that their course is on track. In the first fiscal quarter of 2010, NavPress experienced increased sales averaging 26 percent above 2009–2010 projections and 37 percent above sales for this time last year. 

“We’re excited to see the response to a fresh new twist on a devotional by one of the most exciting, connected young authors to come our way, the ‘Devotional Diva.’ This has the ability to change the way we interact with God, develop our faith, and share our thoughts with others throughout our spiritual journey,” says Eric Helus, sales manager at NavPress. 

Renee Johnson is a spirited speaker and writer to twentysomethings. “It is rewarding and humbling to know that all of the hours I spent connecting with people on Facebook, on Twitter, blogging, and texting translated to selling out my first print run before the book even hits the shelves! Social networking and media are definitely the way to go!" Johnson says. 

Since its founding in 1975, NavPress has become known as a trusted ministry leader in discipleship and leadership development. The Navigators, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is an interdenominational, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people navigate spiritually, to know Christ and to make Him known as they look to Him and His Word to chart their lives. 

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact: Kris Wallen, Director of Author and Public Relations, kris.wallen@navpress.com, 719-531-3588