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Fifty Christian publishers and booksellers did business at Marketsquare Europe, held 1 to 2
October 2010, near Oradea, Romania. Most A dozen countries were represented at the event:
Belarus, Finland, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine,
the United Kingdom, and the United States.

“Marketsquare Europe 2010 was the first international translation rights fair for Christian books ever held here,” says publisher Vasile Gabrian of Editura Casa C?rtii, whose help was invaluable
to ChristianTrade Association International in organizing the event.

“Marketsquare Europe 2010 provided a timely opportunity for the analysis of the development
of the Christian book market in Romania,” adds Gabrian. “The event challenged us to continue
strengthening our publications.”

This was the fourth Marketsquare Europe event organized by ChristianTrade Association
International. It also marked the third European Christian Book of the Year contest. First place
was won by the book Redeeming the Memories (Rascumpararea memoriei) by Romanian pastor

Vasilic? Croitor, author and founder of Succeed Publishing. Poland’ s Vocatio Publishing’s
Character Builders series came in second.

Svein Andersen, of Hermon Forlag in Norway, provided training on both days of the conference
and also addressed participants at the Celebration Dinner held September, 2010. Cindy Riggins of
Riggins Rights International in the U.S. taught a session on negotiating rights, and Els de Jong-
Van Gurp, director of BCB in the Netherlands, encouraged Romanians to cooperate to build
the Christian trade in their country. De Jong-Van Gurp and Marc Schaeffer, also of BCB, met
with Olena Tsertii, director of the Ukrainian Christian Publishers Association, as well as Andrey
Kravchenko (Ezdra Publishers), Sergiy Mihaylyk (Baruch Publishing House), and others to
discuss how their respective trade associations benefit their members.

“The workshops were very interesting and useful,” says Nadiyka Gerb?sh of Ezdra Publishing in
the Ukraine, “ but I waited for the afternoon business meetings…When you represent the chief
editor, then suddenly… questions and ideas begin to pour like hail.” Gerbish looks forward to
reading and evaluating books for translation. “ We are interested in [reaching readers in the] secular market,” she adds, “ so I asked about books of interest to a wider audience.”

“Our exhibitors found the show was well worth their time,” says Kim Pettit, chief operating officer for ChristianTrade. “ The feedback I received was quite positive, and we are already looking at how to proceed next year.”

ChristianTrade’ s next event is Marketsquare International, in Atlanta, taking place January 11-13, 2011, just before the AmericasMart Gift Show. (For details, please visit

“Marketsquare Europe was a blessing and inspiration for us, and provided useful meetings with people and publishers,” says Pastor Károly Géczi of Immanuel Publishing in Budapest, Hungary. “ There are [books] which I would like to see even by this Christmas season, but of course I know we need to settle down and see what the Lord wants.”


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