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(October 8, 2010) – A remarkable 19 Parable Franchise stores renewed their contracts with Parable in the last two months.


August 1, 2010 marked the five year anniversary of Parable Franchising. And with the celebration came the expiration of contracts for the original franchise stores. In the last two months, every store who has been sent a new contract has committed to another five years with Parable, 19 stores total. Of these stores, four have renewed earlier than expected.


Laurie Potratz, wife to Steve Potratz and co-owner of The Parable Christian Store in San Luis Obispo, CA, says, “As a franchise, I have the opportunity to utilize a tremendous amount of things I could never do alone… When I keep using their helps and maintaining the programs, my store looks great and impresses and serves the customer.”


Bruce Anderson, owner of two Alpha & Omega Parable Christian Stores in Rochester, NY, says, “We have a wonderful community of fellow franchisees.” These 19 Parable franchise stores see the value Parable brings to their business and understand that without being a part of Parable, they would not have the resources and support they need to succeed.


“We are committed to doing everything we can to help stores survive and thrive,” says Parable Group President, Steve Potratz.


This is evidenced in a recent survey conducted by the Franchise Business Review, a national franchise market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction. Michelle Rowan, COO of Franchise Business Review, says, “Parable’s success of supporting their franchisees is apparent by their survey results this year. Retail was a heavily hit sector of business by the economy this year, and Parable still landed 11 points over the industry average when asked the question ‘If you could do it all over again, knowing what you know today, would you still invest in this franchise?’ with over 85% of respondents answering positively.”


Additional results from the survey show that franchise owners rate Parable higher than the retail average and the franchise benchmark in all areas – Franchise System, Training & Support, Relationship, Financial Opportunity and General Satisfaction.


Parable is committed to independent Christian retailers now more than ever, which is demonstrated in these survey results and their five-year agreement with these 19 franchise stores, expecting many more of the 48 total franchise stores to renew later this year and in 2011. Parable franchise stores who have renewed their contracts are:


1.      Arnold, MO

2.      Clovis, NM

3.      Columbia, MO

4.      Frankfort, KY

5.      Grand Rapids, MI

6.      Grandville, MI

7.      Hiram, GA

8.      Johnson City, NY

9.      Lima, OH

10.    Mansfield, OH

11.    Marietta, GA (main)

12.    Marietta, GA (branch)

13.    Marion, IA

14.    Muskegon, MI

15.    Omaha, NE

16.    Rome, GA

17.    San Luis Obispo, CA

18.    Toms River, NJ

19.    Valdosta, GA

The mission statement “to resoundingly impact the Kingdom of God by leading and equipping Christian Retail ministries to be successful, sought after havens of Christ’s love” is in full effect at Parable.