We’re now offering pay per click ads at great discounts to deliver search ads at a fraction of the cost of going direct to Google, Bing, or the other search engines. Use pay per click ads to maximize your existing social media and ad campaigns or as a stand alone. See below for full details!

The summer music festival season is over, but the fun isn’t over — Creation is taking to the road. Connect with youth, young adults and youth pastors through the CREATION FESTIVAL: THE TOUR launching in October. The tour will feature Thousand Foot Krutch – one of Christian music’s top music acts – to reach 100,000 attendees over 20 dates. ‘Join the tour’ for less than $500 a date.

If you’ve not heard about our social media services, your music must be too loud, since we’re making a lot of noise. We’re proud to welcome several new clients to our ‘social circle’. Check out what we’re doing in the social spaces and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and discounts.

A lot more is going on, so be sure to read on.

Here’s the full September line-up –

1) Guaranteeing Results through Pay Per Click
2) Reach Teens and Youth Pastors via the Creation Fest: The Tour
3) Talk Radio for Worship Leaders, Join the Conversation
4) Welcome to the ‘Social Circle’
5) What’s Working? GMC Case Studies
6) Fall Fashion Advice, Making the Most of and at Events