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(Spokane, WA) In T. L. Hines’ latest novel The Falling Away, readers meet Dylan Runs Ahead. The Native American protagonist ran from the Crow Reservation where he grew up because he felt responsible for his sister’s disappearance. He ran to the U.S. Army, but after his leg was mangled in Iraq and his buddy was killed, he had to escape from those memories too. Now he’s gotten mixed up in the wrong line of business and he’s running from people who want him dead.


Then he meets a homeless teenager named Quinn. She claims to see things beyond the natural world and she tells Dylan he’s “chosen.” Oddly enough, his buddy in Iraq kept telling him the same thing. Before Dylan Runs Ahead can figure out what that really means, he must stop and face the demons—both literal and figurative—that he’s been running from.

However, shortly before writing The Falling Away, author T.L. Hines found out that he couldn’t run from his own major life challenge; he had to face it head on. In May of 2007, Hines was diagnosed with Follical Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a life-threatening cancer of the lymphocyte blood cells—present in the lymph nodes, spleen and bone marrow. Hines chose an innovative treatment called radioimmunotherapy and is currently in remission from Grade I Follicular Lymphoma.


Interview T.L. Hines during National Leukemia and Lymphoma Month and ask him about:

-How his life has changed as a result of lymphoma

-Why he chose to share his illness with his readers

-What advice he would give to others suffering from major illnesses (such as staying away from Google)

-Inspiring and heartfelt stories his readers have shared with him about their own health crises

-God’s role in his life, work and recovery

In THE FALLING AWAY (released September 14 by Thomas Nelson Publishing), T. L. Hines delves into issues ranging from teen homelessness to soldiers’ post-traumatic stress disorder in order to peel back greater truths about redemption. Known for writing “Noir Bizarre” stories, Hines mixes mysteries with the supernatural in books such as The Unseen, Waking Lazarus, and The Dead Whisper On. Waking Lazarus received Library Journal’s “25 Best Genre Fiction Books of the Year” award. Visit him online at


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