You have a Cause to promote. You have a product that will change lives. A hope giving, life changing, God Inspired kind of thing that really makes a positive impact. If only everyone could understand what you are doing and the impact it has. If only they understood how many more people your organization could help if they got involved.  How do you get the word out for EVERYTHING that you need to accomplish? You need buyers or donors. You need volunteers, missionaries or brand ambassadors. You need people to understand what you do and why you do it. You need them to act, to help, to connect to what you are trying to accomplish to further the kingdom of God.

Are you missing the link to connecting people with your brand? Ad campaigns and PR are great ways to get the word out around big things, but you need even more connection.  To take it one step further, you need Relationship.

This is where social media or more appropriately stated, social marketing, becomes your solution. Social marketing builds you a captive audience for long term communication that is continuously growing, interacting and promoting what you do.   If you fall into the category of, “I’m not so sure Social Media is right for my Business/Non-Profit”, I want to share with you the following 4 things that social media can do for you that traditional advertising cannot.

Relationship and Connection
Over 2 billion people use social media. Why? To be social. They are searching for connection. When you interact with people around your brand, they feel a connection to you and a relationship is formed. When people feel important to you, and connect to what you are trying to accomplish, they are more compelled to help your cause or buy your product.

Long Term Branding and Cause Awareness
Once you start a social media page it is yours forever. You can post as frequently as you want. You can share details you normally wouldn’t be able to share in a typical ad campaign. You can give a steady stream of information about your business or non-profit than a traditional Press Release could allow. You are 100% in control of creating a living, breathing personality for your brand. You aren’t just telling people what you do, but you are drawing them in to be a part of it.

Ability to Share RIGHT NOW
Whether you are launching new products or new campaigns, you now have a platform to share everything you need to be seen by the public. Have an urgent need for missionaries? Have to sell 1000 more movie tickets, books, albums, or whatever to hit a goal by Friday? Social Media is where you can share what’s going on NOW and is a place to call people to quick action.

Unique Ways to Engage and Call People to Action
People come to Social Media to interact. This means if you have something interesting to say, people are going to share it. But you can ask people to do so much more than share. You can ask them to buy, to take advantage of an offer, to donate, to sign up for your email, to rally their friends to support your movement. Whatever you need to do, “There’s is an app for that”, as Apple says. Most importantly people love apps. Do you know there are apps for your Facebook page?  People use them every day. Why aren’t you?

Please note that I am not in any way saying you don’t need advertising or PR, in fact they are very important to creating awareness about your Faith-based Business or Non-Profit. I’m just saying you ALSO need Social Media. Just look at some of the biggest companies out there, take Nike for example. Not only do they advertise and take advantage of PR, but they also have Facebook pages, a lot of them. Nike has over 20 Facebook pages plus pages for all their stores and multiple community pages. They’re not on Facebook just for the fun of it.

Do you need help in using social media to grow your reach and call people to action?  FrontGate has been providing faith-based social media services since 2007.  Contact us now.