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Colorado Springs, CO –WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group is pleased to announce that Radical by David Platt, is now in its 13th print run, with 225,000 copies in print. Since its May 4 publication date, Radical has been on The New York Times Best-Seller List for 8 weeks, where it’s reached #5 on the Paperback Advice list. Additionally, the book has appeared on the CBA Best Seller list at #3 in the Top 50 List and #2 on the CBA Best Seller Christian Living List.  

David Platt, first-time author and pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL, calls Christians to devote themselves to Christ’s teachings instead of pursuing the ideals of the American Dream. In a culture where bigger is better and acquiring more possessions is synonymous with happiness, Platt reminds Christians that these pursuits are contradictory to the gospel message. “We are giving into the dangerous temptation to take the Jesus of the Bible and twist him into a version of Jesus we are more comfortable with,” writes Platt. “A nice, middle-class American Jesus.”  

Platt began teaching this message at The Church at Brook Hills, resulting in The Radical Experiment. This year-long challenge includes: praying for the entire world, reading through the entire Bible, sacrificing money for a specific purpose, spending time in another context (missions work) and committing to a multiplying community (attending a local church). This has resulted in nearly 100 families starting the process to become foster parents, 40 households committing to move into an inner-city neighborhood in Birmingham to serve others, and the church donating $500,000 from the 2010 budget to fund 21 Compassion International programs in India.   

It’s a message that’s continuing to resonate with readers as they heed the message of the book: Take back their faith from the American Dream!        

RELEASE: May 4, 2010 

ISBN-10: 1-60142-221-0

ISBN-13: 978-1-60142-221-7

SIZE: 5-3/16 x 8

PAGES: 240 pages, Tradepaper

PRICE: $14.99 US /$17.99 CAN    

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