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ChristianTrade Association International is organizing a two-day translation rights show in Oradea, Romania. The event, taking place 1 – 2 October, will serve the publishers in emerging Christian markets in Eastern Europe. The timing, just days before the world’s largest international book gathering—the Frankfurt Book Fair—is intentional.

“We are seeking maximum efficiency and attendance,” says Kim Pettit, chief operating officer for ChristianTrade. “If you are already planning to travel to Frankfurt, add Marketsquare Europe to your itinerary at very little additional cost and multiply your impact.”

Romania is a key market for translation in Eastern Europe. “There are 11 Christian publishing houses in Oradea alone,” says Jim Powell, president of ChristianTrade, “and more than 60 Christian publishers in the country. In some ways this is the “Bible belt” of the Eastern Europe”

Marketsquare Europe is attracting not only Romanians, but publishers from the entire region. “We already have interest from publishers in Ukraine, Poland, and other neighboring countries,” adds Pettit.

“ChristianTrade plans to provide scholarships for publishers to participate,” says Powell. “Based on this support, we expect at least 50 publishers to attend. By investing in training and providing publishers with forum for the exchange of translation rights, we want to facilitate Kingdom business.”

Cindy Riggins, of Riggins International Rights Services, has agreed to lead the discussion on translation rights; Els de Jong -van Gurp, director of BCB in the Netherlands, will lead a session on how to work together to grow the Christian trade. Another important workshop with American and European participation will cover trends in Christian publishing. 

“Come be a part of Marketsquare Europe,” adds Pettit. “Make the most of your trip to Europe and meet your partners in ministry.” 

For more information on Marketsquare Europe 2010, or to download the exhibitor application form, please visit or contact Kim Pettit (+1-719-432-8428;  


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