June 10, 2010—Newburyport, MA –-Strang Book Group, a Christian publisher and member of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA), has selected ECPA’s Title Management Web service to manage and distribute their title information. Through a partnership with the ECPA, Firebrand offers ECPA members Title Management Web, an online solution that allows marketing departments of any size publisher to manage the data for their title listing in one convenient location and distribute product information to over 200 trading partners through the Eloquence metadata service.

 “This partnership with Firebrand Technologies is demonstrative of our strategic plan to increase market share and continue to foster growth in our book division,” said Marcos Perez, vice president of sales, Strang Book Group. “In a fast-changing technological environment, this critical step underscores our commitment to service our key customers and trading partners by providing them with accurate and timely information using the latest software and technology solutions.”

Strang’s title information will be distributed via Firebrand’s Eloquence service. With over 300,000 active titles and data from over 3,000 individual publishers, Eloquence is the largest single supplier of ONIX in the US.

“We are pleased to welcome Strang Book Group, another ECPA member, into the Firebrand community,” said Fran Toolan, Chief Igniter of Firebrand Technologies. “We are confident that they will see an immediate positive impact on the quality and reach of their product information.”

Strang Book Group has published eight New York Times best sellers; its authors include dynamic Christian media personalities such as best-selling authors John Hagee, Jentezen Franklin, Don Colbert, Joyce Meyer, and a host of others.

Strang Book Group’s parent company, Strang Communications, is the publisher of Charisma, Ministry Today, and Christian Retailing.


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