FrontGate's Christian Influencer Group

FrontGate Media’s Social Influencer Group provides an excellent marketing campaign opportunity for Christian brands. By securing social influencers who are relevant to your target audience from our group of results-vetted relationships, we can leverage your expansion to new audiences using the time-tested value of endorsement at the same time as we increase your brand awareness and boost conversions.

Review these three micro-influencer case studies that performed exceptionally well. In each case, we started with a smaller budget and engaged a focused strategy to secure and engage just a few key influencers from our group for each campaign.

Read on to gain a better understanding of how we can capitalize on this campaign strategy for your next project.

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We enlisted Kevin Sorbo as one of several influencers for this campaign.

Christian Influencer Case Study: Becoming a King by Morgan Snyder 

This case study highlights the Influencer Group in action to promote a newly released book for men, Becoming a King. Learn how using big names in the Christian industry, including Kevin Sorbo, resulted in over 1.1 million people reached in this case study.

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Tito The Raccoon had a lot to “say” about the book!

Christian Influencer Case Study: Better Together from Zondervan’s Gift Books Division

This case study highlights how the Influencer Group utilizes the best influencers to promote each unique project. For this campaign, we enlisted animal influencers including Tito The Raccoon to reach animal-loving families who would be most interested in purchasing this gift book for themselves or a friend. Discover how we choose the right audience and influencers for each campaign in this case study.

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Leading entertainment site New Release Today joined in to support the Gift Catalog

Christian Influencer Case Study: Advancing Native Missions Gift Catalog

The Social Influencer Group isn’t just used to market books. We promoted the Advancing Native Missions Gift Catalog through big names and brands in the Faith-based marketspace. These included Jodi Mockabee, Kevin Sorbo, New Release Today, and The Washington Times. See how this strategy increased donations during the holiday season in this case study.