Public_relations_imageSometimes it takes getting back to basics to begin cranking out PR content that shines. Though these three things seem like no-brainers, they are truly the foundation of any great PR campaign.  They are also some of the ways that companies and brands can go drastically wrong, and can even alienate their desired audience. To stay at the top of your game, take a look at these tips, and how you can avoid the common pitfalls. Making a few small changes can help keep your PR process running smoothly.

1) Not understanding your values and your message: You may think that you know your core values, but does your team really know them?  Can they tell you the mission statement of your campaign?  Reiterate the values that you stand for with everyone on the team. Make sure that everyone who works for you knows what you stand for, and carefully examine what you align your brand with. Your team should view the branding message as their ‘mission statement’ while they are at work on this PR campaign. Making sure they reflect it in their attitudes and how they speak about the project will help spread a great reputation everywhere.

2) Not having a crisis plan: Do you know who you would go to if there were a crisis? What about your project could blowup on you?   What would you do if there were a lawsuit, or a legal conflict? Do you have legal counsel lined up, and do you have wise people who will be at the ready? These questions sound negative, but they can be the difference between a blow to your project vs. moving smoothly through a trial. Create a crisis binder, get a game plan, and feel confident knowing you can handle anything that comes your way.

3) Not engaging the social audience: If you have created all your press releases and serviced the outlets, how do you repackage your PR content for the social audience?  Of course you can just post releases and story links, but is that really engaging to your followers?  Rote posts leave you with stagnant social pages.  Make sure to repurpose your PR campaign content and successes in such a way as to engage your social audience. Answer your followers complaints, thank them for their participation, and keep your pages current, resulting in your audience feeling included and acknowledged.

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