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2K/DENMARK releases an update to BibleOn with focus
on real life sharability 

2K/DENMARK releases an update to their iOS Bible reading application, BibleOn, with focus on real life sharability. “Once in a while, our users share a Bible verse on social media – but more often than that, sharing the Word of God is something that happens in real life, offline.”, says Thomas Silkjær, head of development, and continues, “We have built BibleOn to work completely offline, without compromising on features and functionality. We encourage our users to turn on flight-mode, avoid distractions and immerse in the Bible text. Whenever online again, notes and content is synchronized to all devices.”  

With the update, a new feature is introduced, “Expose”:  

  1. You’re reading the Bible together in a small group, at home in your living room. It may be your Bible study group, or just a group of friends hanging out. Connect to AirPlay, make a selection of Bible verses and tap Expose, and the selected text is beautifully presented on your TV.
  2. You have fallen in conversation with your colleague, and you remembered just the right Bible verse to share. Select the verse and tap Expose and the verse is beautifully presented full screen on your device.

Expose makes it easier to share a Bible verse, in real life. Use it for evangelization and in conversations directly on your device – use it with a connected TV or projector in small groups or sermons.  

BibleOn is built for reading, interaction and functionality is built on research of how readers interact with texts. Typographically beautiful, it is easy to use and easy to customize. 

The app is available at app/id442673238 – an Android version is in the works and will be released later 2016.