Contact: Larry Carpenter

Franklin, TNMay 28th, 2010- Larry Carpenter, President and CEO of Christian Book Services, announced today that his firm has entered into a long-term agreement to strategically advise start-up company Creation By Design in its rollout of new products into the Christian bookstore market. 

Carpenter, a 25 year veteran of the Christian market, created Christian Book Services to work with Christian-focused prospective authors and small Christian product companies.  He recently stepped down as President and Publisher of Standard Publishing, a leading Cincinnati-based publisher of Christian focused products. 

Creation By Design, based in Teaneck, New Jersey, was founded in 2009 by Steven Kaye.  At its core, Creation By Design designs and markets strikingly beautiful, proprietary computer generated images based on stories from the Bible.  Because they are computer generated,  Creation By Design’s images look more like what kids are used to seeing in video and computer games, helping kids relate better to the Bible and making learning about the Bible more interesting for them.  The company has created more than 200 biblical images with hundreds more in development. 

Creation By Design’s initial product line was a set of 100 collectible trading cards based on the Old Testament. This fall, the company will roll out more than 50 new products that utilize Creation By Design’s images, including a second series of collectible trading cards, “BibleStrike” a card-based strategy game, t-shirts, posters, postcards, artwork, and giftware.  Since the driving force behind Creation By Design’s products are the images, the company can produce any and all products upon which a Biblical image is appropriate. Creation By Design’s current product offerings and some samples of its proprietary artwork can be viewed at

Christian Book Services will assist Creation By Design in all aspects of its business, including product design, production, marketing, sales, warehousing, order entry, order fulfillment and credit.  As part of his consulting role, Carpenter will also serve as Acting CEO for the company. 

According to Carpenter, “Creation By Design is the perfect company to be the first large client for my new company.  It is an innovative company with distinctive products created by people who are passionate about sharing the great stories of the Bible with others.  It’s no secret that young people are moving away from the church and their beliefs are being challenged.  We need to teach them about the Bible in a form they can understand and with images to which they can relate.  I’m excited to be working with a company that does that.” 

Steven Kaye, Founder of Creation By Design added, “We are very excited to bring Larry Carpenter on board. Larry’s expertise and acknowledged leadership in the Christian bookstore market will be extremely helpful in generating wide spread distribution for Creation By Design’s products. I look forward to working together with Larry to develop Creation By Design into a leader in Christian products and educational materials.” 

For more information on Creation By Design, please contact Larry Carpenter at 615-472-1128 or email him at