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The King family’s adventures through time are finally coming to an end with the official release of “Frenzy,” the sixth and final book of the acclaimed Dreamhouse Kings series from author Robert Liparulo (  The time travel series known for breathtaking action sequences, nail biting suspense and realistic portrayals of different time periods and cultures has captivated readers young and old.
Over 250,000 units of Dreamhouse Kings books have already been sold in advance of the release of “Frenzy”, and prior to its release, “Frenzy” has reached #1 on’s bestselling teen pre-orders. “Frenzy” has also already consistently placed in the Top 50 Teen Adventure and Thriller Books at Buzz for the series has also included a top-notch fan-penned music soundtrack for the series, a motion picture development deal to bring the King family to the big screen, and praise for “Dreamhouse Kings” from no less than “Goosebumps” author R.L. Stine, who said, “If you like creepy and mysterious, this is the house for you!”

Liparulo has won praise from parents of the teen and tween targeted book series for its positive portrayal of the relationship between parents and children.  But, it’s the rollercoaster ride through time that has young readers enthralled.

“I hear over and over again from kids, especially boys, who say they hate reading but can’t put these books down”, says Liparulo who lives in Colorado with his wife Jodi and four children. 

Liparulo is a GREAT interview guest.  He has most recently appeared on The Jim Bohannon Show, The Curtis Sliwa Show, The Chuck Wilder Show, Newsradio KRLD Dallas, ABC Radio Australia, America Tonight, KOA Denver, The Chuck Wilder Show, and in dozens of magazines and newspapers.  His adult thrillers include COMES A HORSEMAN, GERM, and DEADLOCK.  To interview author Robert Liparulo, contact Will Bower at or 202-365-2536.