May 1, 2010, Grand Rapids, MI–Jim Weaver, director of Academic & Professional Books for Kregel Publications, announced today the development of Kregel Digital Editions, a new Web store and product line. "Kregel Digital Editions (KDE) will not only provide Kregel titles in digital formats, but will also offer each product in multiple iterations," Weaver stated. "KDE will provide complete titles, book sections, individual chapters, or ancillary audio, graphic, and video materials."

Caleb Hague, brand manager for academic books, observed that "KDE allows us to better serve our authors by making their content available in ways that best serve the needs of digital readers. Professors requiring only one chapter of a book for class will be able to have students buy that one chapter from our website or buy several chapters from a number of different titles. That ability to customize the buying experience offers a whole new level of possibilities for authors and students."

Dennis Hillman, publisher for Kregel Publications, stated, "We are excited about the nearly endless possibilities that digital publishing opens up for our books, and we are aggressively pursuing digital opportunities. KDE will be integrated with the Web site, where our complete line of trade and children’s titles are presently available in print editions."

Kregel Digital Editions will launch in fall 2010. A list of available titles and product selections is forthcoming. Kregel Academic and Professional Books is an imprint of Kregel Publications, a division of Kregel, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI.