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NASHVILLE—Feb 9, 2010 —To sweeten this Valentine’s Day and the next, two new announcements from The Love Dare—the Evangelical Christian Publisher’s Association’s bestselling Christian book of 2009—give millions of fans new options to take the dares (and take them further) online and through iTunes and iPhone.


First, because The Love Dare—the New York Times bestselling book from the 2008 hit movie FIREPROOF—helps couples rewrite their love stories, B&H Publishing announces a new web community worldwide, inviting Love Dare readers to share their new happy endings on video.

In the movie FIREPROOF, Fire Captain Caleb Holt reluctantly agrees to delay his divorce and take a 40-day challenge called “The Love Dare.”  Before the 40 days end, his notion of married love has turned from “how she fails me” to “what I can do, through Christ, to love and support her.”  He’s also given his life to the Source of eternal love.  Since the movie’s release, The Love Dare has sold more than 3 million books in 27 languages.  As in the movie, the book helps couples find real love, rekindle marriages, and revitalize families.

“This new community network lets people meet and interact in an online space just for them,” explains Andrea Dennis, B&H Marketing Manager.  “Couples or individuals create their own user profiles and share their own Love Dare stories both through written journals and, what has us most excited, a new video blog.”  

The result is individual stories to encourage people worldwide.  B&H calls anyone who has taken the 40-day challenge to upload his or her own stories.  Never mind production quality!  “Be entirely casual. By no means must a video be polished or professionally edited,” Dennis said.  “People read this book and want to talk.  The idea is to meet and talk to others who have taken the Love Dare—to encourage, share ideas, and hold one another accountable.”

The new URL is The old URL, redirects users to the new site.

iTunes and iPod

1.  The Love Dare Day by Day:  30
Here is the successor to the original 40-day challenge. The Love Dare downloads in 30-day sections (99 cents each) via iTunes for iPhone and iPod Touch. Scripture references link to verse pop-ups. Or users may click to read the entire text in the BibleReader—adding bookmarks and personal notes. Available soon: a 365-day version for $9.99. 

2.  The Love Dare Day by Day (365): When 40 Days are Not Enough!
This neat phone app equips people to expand the original 40-day dare across a full year—easily downloaded via iTunes and, thanks to iPhone.  All content is from The Love Dare Day by Day—the “sequel,” by popular demand from the many readers of the original 40-day challenge.

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