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(Torrance, CA) Lay leaders and Christians alike, often shy away from tackling the tough issues when they are not experts on the matter. But in every generation since sin entered into the world, God’s people seem to have wondered, “When and how will God make things right in the world?” Sometimes these eschatological discussions lead to fruitless debates about specific details—but that’s not where Dr. Timothy Paul Jones takes this six-session DVD-based study. Jones, a CBA bestselling award-winning
author and 2010 Retailers Choice Award winner, scholar and professor of leadership at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, helps participants gain much knowledge about the end times, but the primary purpose of this study is not to raise theological I.Q levels. This study focuses first and foremost on Jesus the Messiah, the One through whom God the Father will make all things new. Woven through
this study of Jesus in Revelation, Jones presents straightforward, Scripture-centered examinations of four viewpoints that Christians throughout history have embraced as they looked toward the end of time: Amillennialism, Postmillennialism, Dispensational Premillennialism and Premillennialism.


For each view presented, the objective study includes simple definitions, explanation and discussion of supporting Scriptures, a timeline of the view’s popularity and a focus on what readers can gain from studying this perspective. Common questions and answers are an optional part of each DVD session, so viewers and readers don’t need to be the expert.


The Four Views of the End Times DVD-Based Study Complete Kit (Rose Publishing, $89.99, item number: 9781596364127) includes everything lay leaders or individuals need to teach Four Views of the End Times, using professionally-produced video sessions and a PowerPoint® presentation.


The Complete Kit includes:
• DVD with 6 teaching sessions, as well as optional Q&A sessions
• One printed participant guide (additional participant guides needed for each participant in study)
• One printed leader guide
• One Four Views of the End Times pamphlet with side-by-side comparisons of each view
• CD-ROM with optional PowerPoint® presentation, and PDF files for posters, fliers, handouts and
bulletin inserts for promotion.


Also available for personal or individual use:
Four Views of the End Times Leader Pack (Rose Publishing, $29.99, item number: 9781596364240)
• DVD of six 15-20 minute video sessions and a PDF of the leader guide which may be printed out

The Four Views of the End Times Study Kit provides all the resources and tools needed to help tackle a tough topic Christians have otherwise felt ill-equipped to teach. Perfect for small groups, Bible studies, adult Sunday school, or for personal individual use, participants and lay leaders alike will find this objective study kit the expertise they have been looking for. The Four Views of the End Times Study Kit releases in July 2010. More information is available at rose-


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Dr. Timothy Paul Jones is a CBA bestselling and award-winning author, scholar and professor of leadership at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He recently received the 2010 Retailers Choice award for his book Christian History Made Easy in the Christian Education category. He has earned the Bachelor of Arts degree in biblical studies, a Master of Divinity with focus in church history and New Testament, as well as the Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Dr. Jones has authored, coauthored, or contributed to more than a dozen books. He has also contributed numerous articles to popular ministry magazines and academic journals such as Discipleship Journal, Preaching: The Professional Journal for Pastors, Proclaim: The Journal for Biblical Preaching, Leading Adults, Religious Education Journal, Christian Education Journal, Perspectives in Religious Studies, and many others. Dr. Jones has written nearly 200 entries in two highly-regarded reference works, Nelson’s Dictionary of Christianity and Nelson’s New Christian Dictionary. Dr. Jones has been the recipient of the Baker Book House Award in Theological Studies and the North American Professors of Christian Education Scholastic Recognition Award. While serving as senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Rolling Hills in Tulsa, he taught biblical languages at Oklahoma Baptist University and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.