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“As the largest Christian-trade gathering in Asia,” says Jim Powell, ChristianTrade Association International president, “Marketsquare Asia offers increased opportunities to expand sales across this burgeoning market to content providers worldwide.”

 “In 2010 we are expanding,” says Kim Pettit, ChristianTrade director. “We just had a successful three-country event with Marketsquare Africa, and this year’s Marketsquare Asia will also feature meetings in three locations: Beijing, Seoul, and Singapore.”

Marketsquare Asia will be held September 2-11. ChristianTrade will be active in Beijing on Thursday and Friday, 2 & 3 September; in Seoul on Monday and Tuesday 6 & 7; and in Singapore on Friday and Saturday 10 & 11.

The Beijing and Seoul gatherings will focus on translation rights. The largest attendance is expected in Singapore, where the focus will include not only international translation rights negotiations, but also sales of Christian product in English and in other languages. Practical, hands-on workshops for both publishers and booksellers will also be offered in Singapore.

“The exhibit floor at Marketsquare Asia is always fascinating to watch,” Powell says. “We will have buyers from Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and a host of other Asian and Western countries all looking to expand their markets with new offerings. No other venue captures this lively interchange where so many come across Asia—including many who are not able to participate in other Christian trade conventions.” 

“Marketsquare Asia is a catalyst,” adds Powell. “When Christians get together for cross-national networking, fellowship, and business, they encourage one another and receive inspiration for renewed vision to reach their markets. Plan now to join us!”

For more information or to participate as an exhibitor in Marketsquare Asia, please contact Kim Pettit (+1-719-432-8428;  


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