Colorado Springs, CODavid C Cook author Kimberly Powers will be a special guest on Focus on the Family next month to talk about her book, Escaping the Vampire: Desperate for the Immortal Hero. The two-part interview, hosted by Dr. Julianna Slattery, features Powers and Beth Felker Jones, author of Touched By A Vampire: Discovering the Hidden Messages in the Twilight Saga. The programs focus on the subject “Helping Parents Navigate the Vampire Phenomenon” and will air March 18-19, coinciding with the DVD release of New Moon, the second movie in the popular Twilight saga.


The Twilight series, written by Stephenie Meyer, and the movies based on the books have become a phenomenon among tweens and teens. However, many parents have yet to figure out the fascination of the vampire storyline. As she has toured the country, Powers, co-founder of Walk the Talk Youth Ministries, has talked to hundreds of teen girls about what it is that makes the love story so alluring.


Powers believes that the vampire plot and the portrayed excitement of romance are only part of the mystique. The forbidden love story captivates young girls because of Edward’s chivalry and the attention he gives to Bella, an awkward young girl with whom teens can identify.

Offering a fresh, Christian perspective on the ever-popular topic, Powers suggests the saga’s popularity boils down to a spiritual hunger. After working with teen girls for more than ten years, she understands that at the center of every young woman’s heart is a longing to be truly, madly, and deeply loved. Powers filled Escaping the Vampire with true-life stories, advice, and the vital truth of Christ’s unconditional love. In the book, readers will learn how to face the world—with all its pitfalls—with the confidence and courage that comes from being cherished and valued.


“This epic love story—one even greater than the story of Bella and Edward—has already been written, with you in mind as the beautiful heroine,” Powers writes. “Only this is no fantasy. You can live your life eternally with the Immortal Hero who cherishes everything about you, protects you, and loves you more deeply than you could ever imagine.”


Powers’ interview with Focus on the Family provides the opportunity for millions of parents to listen and not only obtain a better understanding of their teen’s attraction to the story but to be able to direct their daughters in learning what true love is.


For more information about Kimberly Powers and Escaping the Vampire, her recent interview with 100 Huntley Street is available for online viewing. In the episode from January 29, Powers is interviewed along with Rachael Clark, a young woman whose story she shares in the book. The video is available at:


Kimberly Powers, co-founder of Walk the Talk Youth Ministries, has been challenging and inspiring thousands of teen girls for more than thirteen years as a keynote/conference speaker, teen mentor, and radio/television guest. She has been described as authentic, personable, and confident as she demonstrates her passionate love for Christ. Kimberly and her husband, Tim, live in Virginia with their two sons, Landon and Logan.


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