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Uhrichsville, OH—Barbour Publishing, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its new Spanish language imprint, Casa Promesa. Now offering an expanded line of the Spanish translations of its most popular titles, including both children’s and adult titles, Barbour plans to attend the Expolit book and music convention ( May 13-18, 2010, in Miami to introduce Casa Promesa.

“In recent years, we have begun to offer our bestselling books in Spanish as well as English and have been very encouraged by the feedback we have received,” said Timothy Martins, Barbour President and CEO. “We look forward to serving the Spanish language Christian bookselling community in the years ahead and to developing long-term partnerships in the industry.”

Casa Promesa has a great line up for Fall 2010 product beginning with two books in the popular Abridged Christian Classics series. Releasing in July 2010, En Sus Pasos (In His Steps) by Charles M. Sheldon encourages readers to ask the challenging question of “What would Jesus do?” before making any decision. John Bunyan’s classic allegory, The Pilgrim’s Progress, will also be available in the Spanish translation El Progreso del Peregrino in July 2010.

The helpful study on human suffering, 21 Reasons Bad Things Happen to Good People by Dave Earley, will release in the Spanish version, 21 Razones por las que Suceden Cosas Malas a Personas Buenas, in August 2010. Another August release, Las 100 Principales Mujeres (The Top 100 Women of the Bible) details the brief biographies of 100 women of faith who changed the world.

October products include colorful translations of the popular children’s titles Bible Prayers for Bedtime and Bible Devotions for Bedtime with Oraciones de la Biblia and Devocionales Biblicos para la Hora de Acostarse. In addition, Barbour will be distributing the Spanish translation of the popular Discovery House Publishers daily devotional, Our Daily Bread (Nuestro Pan Diario), which will release in October 2010.


With nearly 900,000 copies sold in English, the popular value book, Know Your Bible will be available in the Spanish translation Conoce Tu Biblica in November 2010 and will concisely explain all 66 books of the Bible. The English version of the value book 199 Promises of God has sold more than 400,000 copies and will also release as 199 Promesas de Dios in November 2010.

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Casa Promesa Fall 2010 product:

  • En Sus Pasos (In His Steps) by Charles M. Sheldon. July 2010. $3.99. 192 pages. ISBN 978-1-61626-029-3.
  • El Progreso Del Peregrino (The Pilgrim’s Progress) by John Bunyan. July 2010 $3.99. 192 pages. ISBN 978-1-61626-030-9.
  • 21 Razones por las que Suceden Cosas Malas (21 Reasons Bad Things Happen to Good People) by Dave Earley. August 2010. $3.99. 176 pages. ISBN 978-1-61626-097-2.
  • Las 100 Principales Mujeres de la Biblia (The Top 100 Women of the Bible) by Pamela McQuade. August 2010. $4.99. 192 pages. ISBN 978-1-616-096-5.
  • Devocionales Biblicos para la Hora de Acostarse. (Bible Devotions for Bedtime) by Daniel Partner. October 2010. $5.99. 256 pages. ISBN 978-1-61626-101-6.
  • Oraciones de la Biblica by Jane Landreth. (Bible Prayers for Bedtime). October 2010.  $5.99. 256 pages. ISBN 978-1-61626-100-9.
  • Nuestro Pan Diario (Our Daily Bread). Discovery House Publishers. October 2010. $4.99. 384 pages. ISBN 978-1-57293-392-7.
  • 199 Promesas de Dios (199 Promises of God). November 2010. $1.99. 96 pages. ISBN 978-1-61626-103-0.
  • Conoce Tu Biblia (Know Your Bible). November 2010. $1.99. 96 pages. ISBN 978-1-61626-102-3.