PubTrack Consumer is launching a focused consumer study this summer that will delve deeper into knowing the buyer of Christian Fiction, one of book publishing’s most opportune genres. Christian publishing industry professionals are often left to anecdotal information and individual experience to gain a well-rounded picture of the Christian fiction consumer. But is the resultant collective wisdom is truly applicable across the population? Are the assumptions we make correct? Or are we creating self-fulfilling prophecies — and losing out on growing the market? The study will expand on the information already gathered by PubTrack Christian on a monthly basis–demographics, church involvement, buying behavior, media usage, etc.–and add insight on (but not limited to)…

  • How are readers introduced to the Christian fiction market?
  • Are back-of-the-book discussion questions valuable?
  • Consumer opinions regarding the pricing of Christian novels.
  • Underlying reasons individuals read Christian fiction.
  • How do buyers want to connect with authors?
  • Is Christian fiction is used for outreach?
  • How "active" Christians differ in their fiction preferences from "private" or "liturgical" Christians.
  • What other books and genres your customers are reading and why?

Sponsorships are available until May 15th for a discounted price of $4,500. Sponsors will contribute to the final survey design and will receive exclusive access to the complete sample of collected data including a custom analysis report and individual presentation for the sponsor company. Contact David Campbell with Bowker’s Publisher Services for more information or to schedule a meeting at ECPA’s Executive Leadership Summit to discuss further (, office 908.219.0139, mobile 615.491.6310).