Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers and Crossway Books sign an ESV (English Standard Version) license agreement for the Ryrie Study Bible, and are planning a February 2011 release.

The Ryrie Study Bible was first published by Moody in 1978, and expanded in 1995. It is currently offered in three Bible translations: New International Version, New American Standard, and the King James Version. More than 2.5 million Ryrie Study Bibles have been sold.

Steve Gemeiner, director of sales for MP and head of the Bible publishing team, said “Moody is very pleased to partner with Crossway, licensing the fastest growing  new translation in the Bible selling market. The addition of the ESV will make the Ryrie Study Bible available in four of the most popular Bible translations, providing an even broader selection for readers. We see the ESV translation marking a new era for the Ryrie Study Bible, which Moody is excited to make available. Dr. Charles Ryrie is an enthusiastic partner with us in this endeavor.”

Crossway president, Dr. Lane Dennis, notes:  "I am extremely pleased to have the ESV Bible text published with Dr. Charles Ryrie’s notes.  The Ryrie Study Bible has become almost legendary due to Dr. Ryrie’s highly valuable notes, which have stood the test of time and benefited millions of readers.  Our prayer is that this new edition – combining the ‘essentially literal’ text of the ESV and Dr. Ryrie’s notes – will have a significant impact on a whole new generation, for the sake of the gospel and the truth of God’s Word."