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Time  magazine called him “one of the 100 most influential people in the world,” yet pastor John Stott has always rejected riches and fame for the spiritually rewarding path of following Christ while helping others do the same. InterVarsity Press has published two new books that give fresh insight into the man and his amazing life. Basic Christian by Roger Steer is a highly readable biography of Stott, taking the reader from his lifelong association with All Souls Church  in London to every continent on the planet. The account of his ministry strikingly parallels the rise of evangelical Christianity during the same years. And in what is expected to be Stott’s last book ever written, The Radical Disciple, he movingly reflects on his last years of life and ministry while looking at some often ignored aspects of Christian discipleship. The Radical Disciple also includes the last public sermon preached by Stott.

It has been said that “no Western leader has done more to shape modern evangelicalism,” (Christianity Today , March 2010) and much of Stott’s impact has come through his writing. He has published more than fifty books, including such well-known titles as Basic Christianity  and The Cross of Christ . Author Mark Noll, one of Time magazine’s "25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America", wrote, “I consider John Stott the sanest, clearest and most solidly biblical living writer on theological topics in the English language.” Sales numbers would seem to enforce that statement. In the U.S. alone, IVP has sold over six million copies of his books, including his Bible studies and Bible commentaries.

IVP associate publisher for editorial Andy Le Peau has worked with Stott on almost all of his IVP titles and was effusive in his comments on Stott as a Christian leader: “Stott is a rare figure in the church. He has been an evangelical statesman, a breed that is uncommon today. He was never someone who sought to divide Christians, to win over people to his particular sub-brand of faith. Rather he has sought to unite Christians in the basics of the faith we could all agree to. Stott has not been one to emphasize the differences Christians had with one another but rather to focus on what we had in common. He never sought to win so much as to be winsome for the sake of Christ.”

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