Carol Stream, ILIn the midst of planning the launch of a new brand like What’s in the Bible? from VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer, thousands of discussions center around marketing dollars and messaging as a way to reach the target audience. Tyndale House Publishers, Jellyfish Labs, and Creative Trust Media knew the message of What’s in the Bible? was different from any other kids’ product—it’s not just for kids but for families. It’s about Bible literacy. It’s not Bible stories, but it’s the whole Bible! The message had to be bigger, better, and broader than any other children’s product launch.

Social media was an integral part of this launch from the beginning. What’s in the Bible? launched a Web site ( and blog with a video introducing the series. Twitter and Facebook pages launched simultaneously, featuring various contests and special promotions (i.e., discounts on DVDs, giveaways, etc.) as part of a challenge to get 1,000 followers and fans on both Twitter and Facebook.

In March, Tyndale House Publishers launched a blog tour for the DVDs with 100 bloggers through the Tyndale Blog Network. Participating bloggers received an advance-screener copy of the first two What’s in the Bible? DVDs and certificates for complimentary copies of each DVD to give away on their blogs. They also received an official What’s in the Bible? Blog Tour badge, banner ads, and coloring pages to include in their posts. All these efforts helped to accomplish the end goal: to teach kids and families about the Bible. Social media is an effective way to interact directly with parents, grandparents, children’s ministry leaders, pastors, and fans about What’s in the Bible. Through social media, we answered questions, addressed concerns, and shared stories about What’s in the Bible’s impact. Even the numbers demonstrate the influence of social media.

Facebook is ranked number three in bringing the highest traffic to It represents 15 percent of the total incoming traffic, behind direct and Google searches, which represent about 50 percent of incoming traffic. Vischer’s blog ( is the number four source of traffic for Twitter (@WhatsintheBible) is ranked number seven, representing about 1.5 percent of incoming traffic.

Vischer created What’s in the Bible? as a response to the growing trend of Bible illiteracy in the church today. Half of Christian kids raised in the church are walking away from their faith after high school because Christians don’t understand the Bible well enough to be able to pass their faith on to their children.

What’s in the Bible? is a 13-part DVD series that will take kids (and adults) through the entire Bible—from Genesis to Revelation—teaching exactly what’s in the Bible, how it’s organized, who wrote it, and what it’s all about. The first two DVDs, In the Beginning and Let My People Go, are available now from Christian retailers. Volume three, Wanderin’ in the Desert, which goes through Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, will be available in June. 

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