Wheaton, IL, April 7, 2010—-Crossway is pleased to announce the free ESV Bible iPad app, immediately available with the launch of the iPad last Saturday. 


Additionally, more than 600 Crossway titles are available on the iPad, via the iPad Kindle app, with 50 of these already accessible as native iPad apps in the iBookstore.


The ESV Bible HD app optimizes all of the ESV iPhone app features for the new iPad interface including: free download, native to the iPad (no internet connection is required), "infinite scrolling", landscape or full screen reading, note-taking capabilities, sharing options, and much more.


In the iBookstore, iPad users can find more than 50 Crossway titles by authors such as John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Mark Dever, and Paul Tripp—-with more being added daily. Over 600 Crossway titles can be read now on the iPad through iBook, the Kindle app, and other applications. All future books will be available in the iBookstore as they are published.


 "The digital trends in the publishing industry have provided Crossway the opportunity to better serve the church by making the ESV Bible and other resources available to God’s people wherever and whenever they choose to access them," says Jason Park, Manager of Digital Media at Crossway. "We’re excited about the great potential that digital media offers readers here in the U.S. and internationally. We look forward to developing more resources that utilize the most recent technology to equip the church with innovative, creative, and helpful tools to access and interact with the truth of God’s Word."


Geoff Dennis, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Media explains further, "The iPad is potentially a category-transforming device and Crossway is committed to making all of our content available for this and other innovative formats. Remarkable things happen when you marry excellent content with the latest technology. Crossway remains fully dedicated to the ministry of equipping the body of Christ!" 

Crossway is an internationally-recognized, not-for-profit publisher of Christian books, the ESV Bible (English Standard Version), and gospel literature. For more information on Crossway, visit www.crossway.org.

For more information on the ESV Bible, visit www.esv.org.