January 8, 2014 — Logos Bible Software has been honored as one of 2014’s Best Medium-Sized Companies to Work For, a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award. The award is based on the voluntary input of current and former employees providing feedback on their responsibilities, work environments and company leadership via Glassdoor’s anonymous online survey.

Logos Bible Software, once an after-hours project to sharpen the programming skills of two Microsoft employees, launched in 1992. Aiming to connect people with biblical information, Logos went from a small startup to an industry leader innovating in multilingual electronic publishing, linguistics, semantic search, digital asset management and software development and design across every major consumer platform. Far from two guys in a basement, Logos has grown to over 360 employees, with one campus near Seattle and another near Phoenix.

Companies this size often struggle with increasing bureaucracy. But in 2011, Bob Pritchett, Logos Bible Software president and CEO, reduced the company employee manual to a four-word summary: Honor God. Love others. “We have great employees and want to keep them happy,” Pritchett said. “Long policy documents don’t make people happy; trusting people and giving them autonomy makes them happy.” Rather than creating confusion, the abbreviated policy creates transparency — best illustrated by “The $40,000 Mistake,” when an employee’s technical error cost Logos money, but also provided an opportunity to spotlight Logos’ cultural values and customer focus.

Logos employees enjoy not only a manual-free workplace, but also complete discretion over their own sick days and vacation time, as well as numerous other perks: an unlimited supply of free coffee, sodas, juices and other beverages; an in-house bike-repair shop; supplies for kayaking, canoeing and disc golf; an employee lounge offering free videogame, movie and book lending; and more.

Writing for The New York Times, Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute, recently noted, “Work can bring happiness by marrying our passions to our skills, empowering us to create value in our lives and in the lives of others.” If one of the secrets to happiness is earning success through creating value, the employees at Logos Bible Software have earned theirs well by growing a company The Seattle Times recognized as “The world’s largest maker of Bible software.”

“Logos attracts great employees because of the freedom and power they get to serve our customers, build great tools and get things done,” Pritchett said. “We love what we are creating for our customers, but we also love why we do it.”

The company record bears that out: Logos Bible Software is a six-time recipient of the Best Christian Workplaces award, including the Best Christian Workplaces of 2014, and was a two-time finalist in the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Washington’s Best Workplaces award.

Prospective employees and interns are invited to take the video tour, visit the Logos careers page and apply for the best job of their lives.

About Logos Bible Software

Logos is the leading provider of multilingual tools and resources for Bible study on Macs, PCs and mobile devices. Logos has served pastors, scholars and everyone who wants to study the Bible since 1992, partnering with 150 publishers to offer over 39,000 Christian ebooks to users in over 180 countries.


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