Susan Ruszala, NetGalley

Joy Dallanegra-Sanger

White Plains, NY (January 9, 2014)—The American Booksellers Association (ABA) and NetGalley today announced the launch of the Digital White Box program, which will allow publishers to introduce new titles exclusively to ABA members via NetGalley. The program will help more individual booksellers read new titles earlier, from a diverse group of publishers and genres, and will be available for ABA members only, via a sign-up on the ABA site. There are over 10,000 bookseller members worldwide registered on NetGalley; the service is free for booksellers and other professional readers.

Joy Dallanegra-Sanger, Senior Program Officer at the ABA, commented, “Every individual working at an ABA member store is a natural recommender. This program will give more of those individuals the ability to read titles early, and give more publishers the opportunity to introduce a broader selection of titles to indie booksellers.” The Digital White Box program complements and expands on the long-standing Red and White Box programs, which provide physical galleys and book promotional information to qualifying ABA member stores.

NetGalley will provide support for booksellers accessing galleys digitally. Susan Ruszala, NetGalley’s President, added, “If more individual booksellers can use our service to preview a more diverse selection of new titles, everyone wins. We’re looking forward to working with more indie booksellers and expanding the features we offer to this community.” NetGalley recently announced that ABA members can nominate titles for the Indie Next List via NetGalley, and is supporting the ABA Indies Introduce Debut Authors program, a new initiative for indie bookstores to recommend debut authors of note.

NetGalley will be meeting with indie booksellers at the ABA’s Winter Institute meeting in Seattle in late January, to answer questions and help booksellers sign up for the Digital White Box program. The first selection of titles will be offered to booksellers in early February.

Over 250 publishers worldwide use NetGalley to interact with over 160,000 professional readers. Booksellers, reviewers, bloggers, media, librarians and educators can register for free, request digital galleys from the catalog, be invited to view a title by a publisher and provide feedback. NetGalley members can view secure digital galleys on all major reading devices and tablets. 

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