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New York, NY, March 22, 2010—The Association of American Publishers (AAP) reports for the month of January 2010, book sales decreased by 0.7 percent at $814.9 million and were down by 0.7 percent for the year.

The Adult Hardcover category dipped 8.1 percent in January 2010 with sales of $55.6 million a decrease of 8.1 percent compared to January 2009. Adult Paperback sales increased by 0.8 percent for the month ($103.2 million) and were up by 0.8 percent compared to January last year. The Adult Mass Market category declined by 0.5 percent for January with sales totaling $56.0 million; sales were down by 0.5 percent year for the month. The Children’s/YA Hardcover category decreased by 41.6 percent for the month with sales of $31.7 million, a decrease for the month by 41.6 percent. The Children’s/YA Paperback category decreased by 18.1 percent in January with sales totaling $30.7 million; sales were down by 18.1 percent compared to January 2009.

Audio Book sales posted an increase of 5.0 percent in January with sales totaling $10.6 million; sales for the month increased by 5.0 percent. E-books sales soared to $31.9 million, reflecting a 261.2 percent jump for January and a 261.2 percent increase compared to January 2009. Religious Books saw a decrease of 14.6 percent for the month with sales totaling $42.2 million; sales were down by 14.6 compared to January 2009.

Sales of University Press Hardcover books reflected an 8.6 percent decrease with sales of $5.1 million; sales decreased by 8.6 percent for the month of January. University Press Paperback sales posted a decrease of 9.4 percent for the month with sales totaling $7.7 million; sales were down 9.4 percent. Sales in the Professional and Scholarly category were down by 20.4 percent in January ($51.5 million), a 20.4 percent drop compared to January 2009.

Higher Education publishing sales reached $384.3 million, a 7.9 percent increase. Finally, the K-12 El-Hi (elementary/high school) category posted a total net sales increase of 35.7 percent in January at $94.6 million; thereby, sales were up by 35.7 compared to January of last year.

The Association of American Publishers is the national trade association of the U.S. book publishing industry. AAP’s more than 300 members include most of the major commercial publishers in the United States, as well as smaller and non-profit publishers, university presses and scholarly societies. AAP members publish hardcover and paperback books in every field, educational materials for the elementary, secondary, postsecondary, and professional markets, scholarly journals, computer software, and electronic products and services. The protection of intellectual property rights in all media, the defense of the freedom to read and the freedom to publish at home and abroad, and the promotion of reading and literacy are among the Association’s highest priorities.

NOTE: All sales figures cited in this release are domestic net sales.