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WESTMONT, ILLINOIS— Digital Book World, the premier platform offering educational and networking resources for digital publishing professionals and their partners, recognized three InterVarsity Press (IVP) ebooks for achieving their Quality, Excellence, Design (QED) certification.

Additionally, Digital Book World announced their finalists for the 2014 Digital Book Awards, including The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Dale Hanson Bourke in the “Ebook Flowable—Adult Non-Fiction” category. The award program celebrates innovation in apps and ebook publishing.

“We are all excited to see The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict named a finalist,” said Sally Craft, director of digital publishing at IVP. “This very timely and helpful book deserves a wide readership.”

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Playing God and One Bible, Many Versions were all recognized for the QED certification in their respective ebook formats, passing a rigorous 13-point quality assurance program. Some of the criteria evaluated include information organization, font treatment and consistency, and functional hyperlinks both to outside sources and referencing within. The QED certification recognizes and supports each reader’s ability to access their ebooks, which means that each nominated ebook is tested on mobile, eInk and tablet screens.

“Our staff worked hard during the past year to create increasingly high-quality ebooks—in book design and layout, in editorial, in IT and in our digital conversion team,” said Craft. “I’m thrilled that their efforts have been affirmed as our three nominated titles all received QED certification.”

Digital Book World considers the QED endorsement a “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval™” for ebooks and mobile apps.  Once a product receives this certification, readers can purchase it with confidence, knowing it will provide a quality user experience in the reader’s preferred format.

IVP’s digital publishing program has seen a significant rise in their ebook sales over the last six months. Much of this is due to an increased effort to create ebooks in a variety of formats for a growing group of vendors, including their own website.

“IVP has been unusually active in making ebooks and getting them into the hands of our readers,” says Jon Boyd, digital communications manager. “Almost on a monthly basis, we break our own record for number and value of ebooks sold at But it’s across the board: we’re simply selling more and more ebooks everywhere readers can find them. That’s why the team is putting so much care into designing our ebooks well. It’s gratifying to see that quality recognized by Digital Book World!”

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