Contact: Dave Schroeder
Director of Communications

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 13, 2013) – B&H Kids is pleased to announce that best-selling author Angie Smith’s first children’s book, Audrey Bunny, has made the top five on the CBA Best-sellers List. Released in October, this follows the success from November the book hit number one on Amazon’s Christian Children’s Book list in 2013.

Known best for her best-selling adult trade books like Mended, I Will Carry You and What Women Fear, Angie Smith has ventured this year into children’s books beginning with Audrey Bunny. In Audrey Bunny, Smith follows a stuffed animal bunny named Audrey who longs to be owned by a child, but because of a spot that has stained the soft pelt over her heart she believes she is undeserving of a little girl’s love. When a little girl named Caroline pulls her out of the barrel of stuffed animals, Audrey Bunny, painfully aware of the stain on her chest, tries to hide her assumed imperfections, believing she will no longer be loved if the girl saw it. However, Audrey Bunny soon learns the truth that everyone is wonderfully made by God.

“By the time we get to the end, we learn a very valuable lesson about how God sees us, how Caroline saw that bunny,” Smith says. “And, even though it’s a simple story of love. The love of God is woven throughout every bit of it.”

Through this story that teaches unconditional love, children will learn that nothing about them happened by chance, they are wonderfully and fearfully made, and that they are made in God’s image. Audrey Bunny in the story is named after Angie’s infant daughter who lived only a few hours after she was born.

The book is dedicated to her: “To my sweet Audrey, who continues to leave her mark on every page of the story …,” Angie writes. The story is illustrated in beautiful fall colors by Breezy Brookshire, the illustrator behind Clementine Pattern Co., Noble Rose Press and the Breezy Tulip Studio.

B&H Kids Publisher Dan Lynch noted, "Audrey Bunny was the obvious first book for children from Angie. It’s a sweet, touching story that comes from her heart and connects deeply with her personally. It resonates with any child and many adults.We’re excited by the positive attention Audrey Bunny is receiving, most recently with this award. It’s a true testament to Angie’s storytelling ability and the loyalty of her readership."

Angie Smith is a well-known speaker and the bestselling author of I Will Carry You, What Women Fear and Mended (B&H Publishing Group). In January 2014, Smith will publish her fourth adult trade book, Chasing God. Next fall in 2014 she will release her second children’s product, For Such A time As This, a Bible Storybook for Girls. She is married to Todd Smith, lead singer of the Dove Award winning group Selah. She has a master’s degree in developmental psychology from Vanderbilt University, and currently lives in Nashville, Tenn. She and Todd have five daughters. For more information, please visit

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