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Ventura, CA: Regal Books, a division of Gospel Light Publishers, announced today that its 2012 fatherhood best-seller by Gregory W. Slayton “Be a Better Dad Today” will be published in the Czech Republic by Kvartus Media. Kvartus is producing a special Czech version – with local endorsements and special cover art to appeal to the Czech market.

“The family is the oldest institution of God’s wonderful workshop. In order for a family to function well, husbands and wives must fulfill their mission. Fathers’ responsibilities as the head of the family are often underestimated. The theme of fatherhood is therefore very timely, and yet so little emphasized in our society. Being a good father need not be hard if you know how to do it. It’s great that there is a new book that can help men to better fulfill the role of fathers.” – Daniel Fajfr, Pastor and President of Církev bratrská (Church of Brethren, Evangelical Free Church of the Czech Republic), Prague, Czech Republic

Czech dads are especially needy after people were told by the communists that family isn’t that important anymore. The relevant and practical advice in BBDT will be an inspiration and a challenge for Czech fathers.” – Jonathan Lobel, Teacher at Gymnázium Beskydy Mountain Academy, Frýdlant nO, Czech Republic

Be a Better Dad Today is in its sixth printing and has sold almost 80,000 copies in North America. The book drew rave reviews from dozens of America’s best known fathers, including Governors Jeb Bush and Sam Brownback, Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman, Pastors Tim Keller and Luis Palau as well as CEOs and regular dads across the country and around the world (see below). The Slayton’s are giving 100% of all royalties from the book to fatherhood and family charities. Please see for more info.

Be a Better Dad Today! has tons of practical tips for every kind of father, yet there is one overarching message for ALL dads: It is never too late to become the best dad you can be…because fatherhood is the most important role you will ever have.

Product Details: Hardcover: 268 pages Publisher: Regal (April 12, 2012) ISBN-10: 0830732078. ISBN-13: 978-0830762071 is running a promotion/sale on BBDT now:

About the Author: The Honorable GREGORY W. SLAYTON is an American author, businessman, diplomat, philanthropist and professor, but, more importantly, a father of four great kids. Born in Ohio, he grew up without a real father and then travelled the world studying fathers and fatherhood on five continents. Gregory now resides in Hanover, New Hampshire, with his wife of 23 years and their four children. He is the managing director of Slayton Capital, teaches on occasion at Dartmouth, Harvard and Stanford, and is also a Distinguished Visiting Professor at UIBE Business School in Beijing, China. Please see

High Profile Endorsements for Be a Better Dad Today

Having been raised by a man who exemplified what it means to be a great father, I am blessed to have learned from one of the greatest. In Be a Better Dad Today! Gregory explains how to navigate the most important job in the world. This book is a great resource for today’s dads or those who plan to be a dad in the future.
– Jeb Bush, Former Governor of Florida

I’ve known Gregory and his family for years, and I know he exemplifies the title of his book Be a Better Dad Today! each and every day of his life. There are lessons in life that can best be taught by fathers. My hope is that this book will help every single man who picks it up to be the best father, the best husband, and the best man he can be.
– US Senator John McCain

Gregory Slayton writes eloquently about the God-given nobility of fatherhood, an institution of grand personal, familial and societal importance, but also a journey that many men embark on without fully knowing the true path or destination. Slayton deepens our understanding of what being a father means and offers guidance on how fathers can realize their full potential.
– Joe Lieberman, United States Senator

Be a Better Dad Today! is perhaps the most practical and down-to-earth manual you will find on how to be an effective father. You will not be able to read it without being spiritually convicted and personally equipped.
– Rev. Tim Keller, Sr. Pastor, Redeemer Pres.

I have known Gregory for 30 years, and he is passionate, practical and visionary. His terrific book is all three of those things and more. As a father of five, I highly recommend Be a Better Dad Today to all dads- and dads to be-of any age.
– Hans Helmerich, President & CEO