Kansas City, Missouri—Nazarene Publishing House (NPH) announces the hire of Greg Ferguson as the new Group Brand Director for The House Studio, WordAction, Sisterhood and Barefoot Online imprints. In this role, Ferguson is responsible for all global customer-facing activities, including business development, acquisition and product portfolio growth.

Ferguson comes from a background in marketing, most recently serving as director of client services at Service Management Group.Previous to that he was a senior account executive at Summit Marketing, with stints at NPH and Premier Studios.

“I’m in the process of acquainting myself with what NPH offers — and could offer — as we learn from and collaborate with those in ministry,” said Ferguson. “This is the time to envision and create a new acquisition model for the future.”

Ferguson plans to grow the brands he leads by providing significant, user-friendly resources that engage customers and further their ministry endeavors.

“I am delighted to be working with Greg Ferguson,” said Mark Cork, vice president, global brand strategy, Nazarene Publishing House. “Greg is committed to creatively providing content for yet-untapped audiences through innovative and unconventional means. His ideas are thought-provoking and energizing. I look forward to great things.”

A graduate of Southern Nazarene University graduate, Ferguson holds a Master’s of Religious Education from Nazarene Theological Seminary. Greg and his wife of 22 years, Kimberly (Brumbeloe), live in Olathe and have two daughters, Kayla Grace, aged 18, and Isabella Hope, aged 10.

For more than 100 years Nazarene Publishing House has been providing excellent biblical solutions for a changing world. Furthering this legacy, NPH today develops and produces innovative resources through every available medium to inspire, encourage and equip Christ-followers everywhere.

For more information please contact:
Heather Knight
Executive Director, Brand Development • Nazarene Publishing House