COLORADO SPRINGS—Four established Christian publishing brands have come together to form 1Source and offer authors the ability to work with seasoned editors, production, marketing, and distribution through a major wholesaler.

According to Dave Sheets of 1Source, “This is a collaborative effort of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild, Believers Press, Bethany Press, and Anchor Distributors to provide authors with a comprehensive suite of services to take an initial book concept through finished product with the best technology and trusted services in our industry.”

For more than 40 years, the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild has offered mentoring programs, writer’s conferences, and editing services. Jenkins, who has published more than 180 books with 70million copies sold, has helped authors take their manuscripts from ideas to completion, but never offered a publishing component to launch authors independently.

The Christian Writers Guild sought to build an independent publishing division, but had the opportunity to merge with Believers Press, an established high-quality, independent publisher.

Says Jenkins, “I’m most excited about the boutique nature of 1Source. The author in need of only a proofreader all the way to an author in need of an editor through production, warehousing, distribution, order fulfillment and billing can find these things with us.”

“1Source as the central organization and website ( ,” says Peter Larson, President of Bethany Press, a 40-year-old company, “which points authors in the direction they want to go. Each company’s website gives expanded detail about what they offer so authors can identify the services they need.”

Chris Robinette of Anchor Distributors, which has been servicing the Christian market for 40 years, shares, “For independent authors, there is nothing like this type of opportunity to be part of a direct sales program with a print-on demand solution. “We always have inventory. If you order today, it ships today. In 31 years of publishing, I’ve not seen anything like this.” As Vice President of Anchor Distributors, John Whitaker shares, “We’ve helped a lot of small publishers and ministries through the years and see this new opportunity as an extension of that.”

An article in PW Religion Bookline (Sept. 25, 2013) emphasized that some traditionally published authors are turning to independent publishing, particular eBooks. Authors who have lost contracts or have decided to bring former titles back are creating new revenue streams.

Sheets explains, “Authors typically don’t have the staff and resources for all that we are able to do. We provide a full list of services from which they canchoose their publishing model.”

1Source is already signing established authors. Bill Myers (McGee & Me) with more than 8 million books sold, and bestselling novelist Brandilyn Collins, known for her trademark Seatbelt Suspense® and now writing her 28th book, have recently signed to release a new novel through 1Source’s Jerry B. Jenkins Select Line in Spring 2014, along with at least four other authors.

Sheets estimates 120 titles will be published through Christian Writers Guild Publishers and Believers Press by Spring 2015. Books are usually published within 90 days and available in eBook, audiobook, trade paper, and hard cover.

Says Robinette, “Working collaboratively speaks volumes to the new day our industry is in. 1Source provides a gateway for authors to collaborate with us from start to finish.”