Media Contact: Emily Lineberger, Nelson Books Publicist
(Nashville, TN) – Thomas Nelson has signed a new book deal with best-selling author John Eldredge.  Killing Lions, a title that will be co-authored by John and his son Sam, is scheduled to release in Fall 2014.
“We are thrilled to announce a renewed partnership with John Eldredge,” says Brian Hampton, SVP and Publisher for Nelson Books, a nonfiction imprint of Thomas Nelson. 
“John is one of the most gifted Christian spirituality authors of our time, and he has been a cornerstone author for Thomas Nelson for many years. It’s a privilege to continue our journey with John, and this time, with Sam.”
Eldredge has published a number of groundbreaking books with Thomas Nelson since he first signed with the publisher in 1997.  Among these titles are the multi-million-copy sellers Captivating (written with wife Stasi Eldredge) and Wild at Heart.
In Killing Lions: A Guide Through the Trials Young Men Face, Eldredge writes alongside his son Sam, exploring the questions that young men encounter as they come into manhood—questions that if unanswered can haunt men into middle age.
The style of the book is conversational, with each chapter comprised of dialogue between father and son.  Sam initiates by telling a story from his college years, graduation, pursuit of a woman, marriage, or the like, and John responds with counsel and stories of his own “coming into manhood.”
In the summer of 2012, Sam Eldredge was one year out of college and about to ask a woman to marry him.  He turned to his dad for counsel, and what unfolded over several months was a series of conversations about love, money, work, God, and life that became the passion and inspiration for this book.
In this midst of those conversations, John asked Sam, “How many of your peers have anyone they can ask these questions?”  Sam’s answer: “I don’t know any.  No one.”
At its core, Killing Lions is an authentic exchange between a young man representing the Millennials and an older man offering wisdom and insight on the timeless issues of the journey toward adulthood.  The title is drawn from the Masai tradition in which a boy finally knows he has become a man when he has killed a lion.
“Our hope is that the authenticity and wisdom that this book holds will meet a deep need within our culture,” says Hampton.  “John is the perfect author to explore issues of manhood, love, and faith with a new generation of men.  We’ve seen the phenomenal success of his past titles, and we expect that Killing Lions will have a similar impact on the reading world.”
John Eldredge is a best-selling author, a counselor, and a teacher.  He is also president of Ransomed Heart, a ministry devoted to helping people discover the heart of God, recover their own hearts in God’s love, and learn to live in God’s kingdom.  John, and his wife Stasi, live in Colorado Springs and have three sons.  Eldredge has authored more than 15 books, among them Captivating and Wild at Heart.

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