BookStats, a Joint Venture between the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) and the Association of American Publishers (AAP), provides a comprehensive view of the size and shape of the US book publishing industry measured by publisher net unit and dollar sales.


Now in its third year, this revolutionary data project continues to carefully track transformational shifts in how book content is sold in the digital age. The newest release, to be revealed during Making Information Pay 2013 scheduled for May 15, 2013 in NYC, will provide annual publisher net revenue and unit sales going back five years (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012) across three dimensions:

  • Formats: including physical (hardcover, paperback, audio and mass market), non-physical (e-book, enhanced e-books, downloadable audio, paid mobile apps, internet-based products and services) and bundles
  • Categories: including trade fiction and nonfiction, juvenile (early readers, middle grade and young adult), religious, higher education, K-12, professional and scholarly books
  • Channels: including physical retail (chains, independents, mass retailers and specialty), online retail, institutional sales (libraries and schools), direct-to-consumer, jobbers & wholesalers, book fairs and export sales

Extrapolated data for BookStats is derived through a transparent methodology which fully sizes the complete US publishing industry and provides the only means for understanding the rocketing e-book growth rate.


The end result gives publishing, financial, and media businesses a valuable tool for analyzing our rapidly evolving industry.

Survey Participant Information

BISG and AAP encourage publishers — large and small — to contribute net revenue and unit sales data to the BookStats project in exchange for free data access.

The window for submitting 2012 net revenue and unit sales data information closed on February 28, 2013. If you’d like to notified when the window to submit 2013 data opens up, please drop a line to and you’ll be placed on a notification list.

Products and Pricing

BookStats data is purchasable in several product packages:

  • Summary Overview
    High-level 15-20 page PDF report
  • Annual Report
    In-depth 70-80 page PDF report
  • Online Data Dashboard (ODD)
    Interactive online data portal
  • Benchmarking
    Easy toggle in ODD that allows you to benchmark your company’s data against the full data set
  • Category Deep-Dive
    Granular view in ODD featuring deeper category breakdowns within Fiction, Nonfiction, Juvenile, etc.