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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – ChristianTrade Association International ceased operations June 30, and CBA, the Association for Christian Retail, has begun to transition international initiatives back to CBA. ChristianTrade spun off from CBA in 2005.

ChristianTrade’s closing will not affect the Aug. 22-23 Korean Christian Rights Fair in Seoul, South Korea, or other local chapter programs and initiatives.

To help ensure the international mission continues CBA is providing ChristianTrade’s members options to continue existing memberships and benefits without charge directly with CBA.

“We are very saddened by ChristianTrade’s closing, but CBA wants to see the work continue. Our desire is to maintain international services and possibly create something new,” said CBA President Curtis Riskey.

ChristianTrade Chairman Jean-Luc Cosnard, publisher of Editions Vida in Paris, France, said ChristianTrade has furthered Christian-product distribution by developing local organizations that support Christian publishing and distribution around the world.

In making the difficult decision to close ChristianTrade, Cosnard said the board expressed its desire to see international services continue through CBA. All ChristianTrade assets were transferred to CBA.

“In my term as chairman of ChristianTrade, I have found that CBA’s chairman, George Thomsen, and its president, Curtis Riskey, have shared ChristianTrade’s fervent desire to serve the trade not just in the U.S., but internationally as well,” Cosnard said. “As the product, pricing, and distribution models in our industry continue to evolve, rather than continuing our separate efforts to serve Christian suppliers and retailers around the globe, we are passing the torch to CBA.

“We trust they will continue the good work that ChristianTrade has carried out, and that our members will benefit from having a wider range of resources and services available to them in the future,” Cosnard said. “Our desire has always been to see the industry grow so that more people might come to know Christ through our resources, and we believe that this consolidation is the best way to accomplish this in the future.”

ChristianTrade Executive Director Kim Pettit will work with CBA to transition association services. “It is tough to see the association close, but I am encouraged to see the legacy of ChristianTrade’s late founder Jim Powell continued to further broad distribution of the Gospel message,” she said.

Riskey said CBA would work to multiply what ChristianTrade achieved by leveraging broader industry resources to benefit global distribution.

“The heart and mission of ChristianTrade has been the heart and mission of CBA since its beginning,” Riskey said. “Ultimately, we want to see the work that was begun brought to fruition and the Word of Jesus Christ shared throughout the world.”

He said CBA leadership is looking forward to continued growth in international distribution of Christian resources. “We value our international brothers and sisters and the work they do – often under difficult circumstances – to get the Gospel in the hands of people around the world,” Riskey said.

ChristianTrade has members in 148 countries, and reports national member associations in 18 nations. Those association chapters will continue to operate. ChristianTrade also has worked with other international organizations such as CLC International, Letra Viva, and the United Bible Societies. ChristianTrade has published an annual member directory and conducted training and trade meetings around the world. It also assisted with CBA’s annual International Marketsquare during the International Christian Retail Show.