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“It can be tough for Christian young men and women to navigate our post-Christian landscape. In order to successfully do so, they need to embrace a code of honor. Zach Hunter outlines that code in his excellent book Chivalry. It will equip readers to faithfully reflect the heart of Christ in their everyday lives.”—Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

This month, Tyndale Momentum, a nonfiction imprint of Tyndale House Publishers, releases Chivalry: The Quest for a Personal Code of Honor in an Unjust World by 21-year-old Zach Hunter, a renowned human rights activist.

Why are many young people today passionate about social justice, but unkind to people in their personal lives? Since self-centeredness is the cultural norm, it is vital to have a clear sense of how to treat others in our daily lives. A fresh take on the ancient code of chivalry can help determine what and who deserve our consideration, respect, and protection. Chivalry dares readers to view life as a quest, developing a personal code of conduct to defend others both abroad and at home, live with integrity, and do battle for good—and God.

“To the knights of old, another person’s behavior did not dictate the chivalry of their response. . . . Chivalry is a completely radical standard. But it’s what Jesus calls us to. The behavior of others is not our responsibility,” Zach writes. 

Each chapter examines a different element of the knights’ code through a modern lens, putting the quest in a culturally-relevant context for men and women—not simply rules of courtship for men—to help both genders recognize broader relational issues. As Zach walks readers through the principles of modern-day chivalry, he shares biblical wisdom, insightful stories, and real-life examples to help readers develop their own creed and code—and live out a life of significance and honor.

Check out the book trailer, or watch Zach discuss Chivalry here.

Zach Hunter, currently a university student in Colorado, spends his free time speaking to hundreds of thousands of people about God’s heart for the hurting and oppressed, sharing his dream that his generation would discover God’s great love for them and be motivated to care for their neighbors around the world. Zach is the author of three books dealing with modern-day slavery, compassion, and activism. He appears regularly on TV and radio and contributes to magazine and newspaper articles. Zach has appeared at a White House event and was honored by CNN as a modern-day hero. He also served as the global student spokesperson for The Amazing Change, a social justice campaign launched by Bristol Bay Productions in conjunction with the major motion picture Amazing Grace. Pulitzer prize–winning author Nicholas Kristof has called Zach a “brilliant social entrepreneur” in his New York Times bestseller, Half the Sky.

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Chivalry by Zach Hunter- Tyndale House Publishers / July 2013,

ISBN: 978-1-4143-7635-6 / 189 Pages / Softcover / $14.99