March 9, 2010 — CINCINNATI, OH — Standard Publishing announced today that it has gone back to print on the first allegorical fiction book that they have published. 

Although Standard has a rich history of publishing fiction, it has been predominantly children’s fiction.  Based on the recent surge in popularity of allegorical fiction, best illustrated by the phenomenal sales of The Shack, Standard decided to publish their first work in this genre.  The book, entitled Between Two Kingdoms, by author Joe Boyd, began shipping the first week of March. 

According to Larry Carpenter, President of Standard Publishing, “We didn’t sit around a table and say, ‘Hey, we should roll out a book of allegorical fiction’.  But when Joe approached us with his manuscript, we just couldn’t turn it down.” 

Although the initial print run was modest at 4,500 copies, the company was very pleased when the initial lay down exceeded the first print run.  Standard had to go back for a second print run before the product even began shipping. 


In the book, author Joe Boyd writes the story of children who are eternally seven years old, at least in the Upper Kingdom, which is ruled by the Great King and the Good Prince. But some of the children also venture into the Lower Kingdom on quests for their king, enduring hardships as they help others find their way to the Upper Kingdom. They encounter unusual creatures and dark days, but also find light and life in unexpected places. 

Joe Boyd is a gifted communicator, teacher, and storyteller, as well as a professional actor and screenwriter. He is a teaching pastor at the Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio who uses the power of story to reveal hope and lead others to the gate of God’s Kingdom. Joe and his wife, Debbie, live in Cincinnati with their two sons. 

“It’s too early to say that we will be actively publishing more works of allegorical fiction.  However, we are pleased with the results so far.  If Between Two Kingdoms continues to sell well, we may have found a new niche!”, commented Carpenter. 

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